A Norwalk photo #12

(Paul Cantor)

NORWALK, Conn. — Another photo by Paul Cantor: the Shorehaven Golf Club, taken Friday, from Canfield Avenue.


3 responses to “A Norwalk photo #12”

  1. Audrey Cozzarin

    Thank you, Paul, for your beautiful photographs of sights and scenes of Norwalk lately. Your thoughtfulness and love for our community comes through clearly in your vision. Keep going!

    Your Fan,
    Audrey Cozzarin

  2. Victor Cavallo

    Ironic that Paul Cantor would submit a photo of Shorehaven Country Club, an exclusive private golf course. I wonder whether Mr. Cantor would submit a photo of Oak Hills, Norwalk’s public course, and one that he’s been trying to shut-down for a decade or more. Or is it not equally worthy because its a public facility and not a country club?

  3. John Levin

    This photo suggests a peaceful country scene, however it’s not that. It’s a golf course. I see a large quantity of suburban land reserved for a limited number of people, paid club members and their guests, to use during daylight hours. It’s land not available for humans to inhabit, or for growing food, or for providing habitat for native species in decline, or for harvesting energy from the sun. It’s for recreation. It’s maintenance likely consumes significant fresh water, labor, energy, peticides, herbicides, and fungicides. I totally think that people who enjoy this form of recreation and can afford to do it should be allowed to do so, however I believe that golf courses probably should be taxed in a way to discourage their existence (for the reasons I mentioned), much as cigarettes and alcohol.

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