A Norwalk photo #125

Wednesday at City Hall.

NORWALK, Conn. — In July, the Common Council approved more than $400,000 to repair and paint the cupola, or small dome, on top of Norwalk City Hall. Looks like the work has begun.

The windows have failed and the exterior is rotting, said Neil Rennie, a property manager in the city’s building management department, early this year. There are leaks and there are bells in the cupola.

“We’re looking to kind of structurally make it sound again, and keep the beauty of it,” he said. “It’s a big project because we have to put scaffolding up right, that kind of alone is probably around ($45,000 to $60,000). We have a pretty good plan in place to redo it and not have to revisit it for maybe the next 15 years.”


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  1. George

    So with the 400k now and the 200k in 2010 that’s $600.000 in 11 years for repairs.

    There may have been more repairs dating back to the 1990’s or late 80’s. During those repairs the bird dropping inside the dome were cleaned, the windows replaced, holes repaired and the entire cupola repainted.


  2. Shari Brennan

    If the work needs to be done just do it. We should take pride in restoration during an age where older homes and buildings are bring torn down.

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