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NORWALK, Conn. — The City reminds you to verify your license plate information online before heading to the beach or a local park this weekend. Non-residents will be ticketed and towed and you don’t want to be mistaken for a non-resident.

“I know residents will be eager to get out this weekend to enjoy the sun and fresh air following Tropical Storm Isaias,” Mayor Harry Rilling said in a statement. “Remember, non-residents are not permitted at the beach on weekends so it is critically important residents check their license plate information online to avoid any issues.”


Karl M Deering August 15, 2020 at 7:25 pm

Online this, APP that , the great time savers!!!!! When we had the 2 people at the gate to show your beach sticker to , or to charge out of towners , it went pretty smooth . So instead of paying a couple of college kids or seniors to work the gate we have State Highway signs on all the islands leading up to the beach , traffic barrels , caution tape , and a beach over run with out of towners !!!!! Great job of thinking this one out again powers that be !!!!! Just stupid ! If it isn’t broke why fix it !

Cathy Travers August 18, 2020 at 2:06 pm

For the 25 plus years I’ve lived in Norwalk going to the beach was pure pleasure. Stop at the gate ..pass in your window a nice hello from the man at the gate and a great time..never saw too much of a wait .out of towners in one line norwalkers in another .easy .now it’s a mess of confusion..exactly what didn’t work??? Too much cash at the gate ??? Awe what a shame didnt realize cash was the only method of payment available…Guess no credit cards PayPal etc guess no one available to pull the cash or have an officer transport it… the more we FIX in this city the worse it gets

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