A Norwalk photo #59

(John Levin)

NORWALK, Conn. — Another photo from Chapman Hyperlocal Media Inc. Board member John Levin.

“This was July 11 at Pine Point beach in Rowayton,” he wrote. “Beautiful day. Quite a sign. Not too welcoming. Not supposed to be.”


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  1. Well…

    I’m a teacher and am just curious why this double standard is still occurring in CT? I thought our state is in such great shape that we can resume school in person? I’m confused as to why there are still limits on beaches and many public places, but teachers need to return to school in person while most of the white collar world continues to work from home indefinitely. You have the private world as well as local jurisdictions claiming that it is not safe, but teachers have to go back? Unions have gone silent. Those of you who are against unions will most likely get your wish this year. I can’t imagine many people continuing to contribute to union dues when they fold and go silent during a global plague. No help whatsoever. I see pictures of schools in other states that have started, many that have plexiglass shields around each desk. No such protections here. No money! But let’s provide free laptops, breakfast, lunch and after school programs to any and everyone who applies!

  2. John ONeill

    Considering the property taxes Rowayton brings to Norwalk, that signs OK with me.

  3. Dave b

    Free shuttle from all the south norwalks projects like rodner court to pine point beach !!

  4. John Sharnik

    As a former BI resident, I offer no apologies for this sign. The Beaches are maintained by the local residents AND there is no real available parking for visitors and non-residents.

  5. Karen Anderson

    Now, oddly, down here in South Carolina, the beaches are federal property, that is to say they belong to you and to me. No one can keep you and me off our beaches. No one can plop down a sign saying ‘private beach’ unless it is a privately owned island. Access is quite a different matter, but this sign says private beach, not private access, no trespassing. I hope someone pushes for a finer definition.

  6. Paul wall

    Norwalk is turning into Stamford which is turning into greenwich. Same thing with the beaches. Tod’s point has been keeping people out by charging insane parking prices. Stamford did it this year and now you see it in Norwalk. We all pay an extra $10 on our registration for access to st parks and beaches. Everytime I go to a beach or a park that I’m not from, I find I have to pay. Why? Isn’t this already covered? Aren’t our taxes enough to cover some parking and access?!

  7. George

    Paul. Tod’s Point was purchased upgraded and maintained by the Town of Greenwich without any Stste or Federal money. They did so in order to NOT have to allow any out of town people in. Most, if not all other towns including S tree bamford and Norwalk uses State AND Federal money which requires them to allow anyone to use, for a fee which is also limited to what can be charged. The extra $10.00 STATE DMV FEE which by the way is now $15.00 is only to access ALL State parks not town parks.

  8. Mitch

    @ Dave b, I would love for you to open up a shuttle from Roodner Court to Pine Beach. Just to prove to you, that people of color have more class than you snobs in Rowayton.😆😁😅😀😀

  9. John ONeill

    George: It should be noted some of those DMV Park fees have been diverted. Another example of the bait and switch tactics used in Hartford. A smaller version of the Huge diversion from Transportation Fund.

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