A Norwalk photo #76

(Posted on Twitter by Sixth Taxing District Commissioner Mike Barbis.)

NORWALK, Conn. — This photo is of the Old School Fence in Rowayton, long known as a place for Rowayton residents to share event announcements or folksy messages like “Happy Birthday.” Recently, all the signs were taken down and the fence was bare, for probably the first time in living memory, due to controversy over a Black Lives Matter sign and alleged vandalism.

It was posted Tuesday on Twitter by Sixth Taxing District Commissioner Mike Barbis. NancyOnNorwalk elected to remove the original photo posted here Monday and replace it with the Tuesday photo, which is of higher quality.

It’s perceived by the person who sent the original photo that the flags are a celebration of the 2020 election and the Biden/Harris win. Barbis said it shows “The Old School Field Fence in a moment of patriotic glory.”

Change made at 3 a.m. Wednesday. Original photo:



John Levin November 10, 2020 at 9:16 am

There is a person, or people, who placed these flags with a purpose. For everyone else, it’s a Rorschach.

Karl M Deering November 10, 2020 at 7:54 pm

John maybe people in Rowayton , God forbid , are sick of the few telling them how they should feel > PS. Doesn’t look like a ink test to me !

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