A Norwalk photo: Milligan

Real estate broker Jason Milligan, atop his latest purchase Monday. (Contributed)

NORWALK, Conn. – Real estate broker Jason Milligan has further cemented his “Wall Street mogul” status by adding the former David Harvey Jewelers store to the list of Norwalk Center properties he owns.

Milligan said he closed on 51 Wall St. Monday, buying it for $500,000. Online records show it was formerly owned by David Harvey Jewelers Inc. and was built in 1865. The company bought it for $360,000 in 1984 and it’s appraised at $630,369.

David Harvey Jewelers filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy in April 2019. The case was closed in October.

Milligan, owner of Milligan Real Estate and at least 19 Wall Street area properties, one of which has famously landed him into a hot legal battle with the City. He said he’s working on plans for his new building now.

“Some sort of adapted reuse. Mixed use. Some combination of retail, office, residential. I also have 2 projects finishing up in the next week or so that total 22 residential units on or near Wall St.,” he wrote. “Every little bit helps the neighborhood.”

The full photograph.


DryAsABone September 1, 2020 at 9:19 am

Building a house of cards!
Appraised at $630k and sells for $500k.Let’s gues that there is an appeal in the works on valuation.

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