A tribute, storefronts display children’s art, and disposal pass info

Detail of a flyer advertising an early childhood art show.

NORWALK, Conn. — Some Norwalk announcements for you:

  • Laurel Lindstrom tribute planned
  • Norwalk children’s art displayed
  • Disposal passes available April 15


ENNA to honor founder

Laurel Lindstrom, founder and longtime president of the East Norwalk Neighborhood Association (ENNA) will be honored during the group’s monthly Zoom meeting on Monday April 19., according to a press release.

Before founding ENNA, two term Common Council member  Lindstrom had previously launched other civic groups in the area between L.I. Sound and Westport Avenue.  ENNA was incorporated in 2003.  It is a 501(c)(3)  non-profit whose stated mission  is  “to preserve and enhance the natural and historic assets and quality of life in East Norwalk”.

“We’re inviting past Board members, other Neighborhood Association’s leadership, elected city officials & employees who served or worked with Laurel, and all Norwalk residents to share their personal recollections of Laurel and ENNA,” current president Diane Cece said.  “We would also be interested in obtaining photos or news articles about ENNA and its predecessor organizations VSZHAN and ENA, especially any that feature Ms. Lindstrom.”

Meeting attendees are invited to pay tribute during the meeting, or submit short video tributes or written comments.  Email [email protected] to receive the meeting link.  The ENNA site is www.eastnorwalk.org .


Preschoolers’ art on display

Self-portraits by more than 600 Norwalk preschool children ages 3-5 will be displayed in 13 local store and restaurant windows today through Sunday April 18, commemorating the “Week of the Young Child,” according to a press release.  Twenty Norwalk preschool programs furnished the children’s work.  “Week of the Young Child” is a 50-year-old tradition honoring early care and education professionals.

View the children’s art at:

  • Affogato, 132B Washington St.
  • Beadworks, 130 Washington St.
  • Braach’s House of Flowers, Washington St. courtyard across from Donovan’s
  • Match Restaurnt, 98 Washington St.
  • Pelligrini Jewelers, 85 Washington St.
  • REI Property Management, 119 Washington St.
  • The Lofts at 64 Wall, 64 Wall St.
  • Milligan Real Estate (David Harvey) 51 Wall St.
  • Milligan Real Estate, 64 Wall St.
  • Norwalk Luggage, 53 Wall St.
  • Nutty Bunny Ice Cream Shop, 21 Isaacs St. (across frum Isaacs Square Art Park)
  • Pontos Taverna, 7 Isaacs St.
  • Wall Street Barber and Beauty Studio, 55 Wall St.


Event co-sponsors are Norwalk Public Library, the Norwalk Early Childhood Office, and the Norwalk Early Childhood Council.


New disposal pass access date

Residents can get their disposal passes beginning April 15, City Hall said in an email. It said:

“The 2021 Disposal Pass will be available online after April 15, 2021.

“Please check https://nwlk.norwalkct.org/ passes/  to download your new 2021 Disposal pass after April 15th.

“The 2020 Resident pass expired on March 31st, 2021.  A grace period is being given at the Norwalk Transfer Station and Yard Waste Site”

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Collaboration April 12, 2021 at 10:04 am

Did I read that correctly?

The City and Milligan working together?

Is this another April Fools joke?

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