Additional cost to reopen CT schools during a pandemic: $420 million


Whether schools open for in-person instruction or remote learning during this pandemic, the additional costs are pegged at $420 million.

A recent survey of superintendents by the state Department of Education found that installing plexiglass, and providing every student and school employee with enough face masks and cleaning supplies is expected to cost $59 million this coming school year.

Purchasing computers and upgrading technology so students can learn remotely from their homes will cost $67 million.

Hiring additional staff to reduce class sizes and offer more students the opportunity to stay home and learn will cost $212 million.

Gov. Ned Lamont has not yet announced how much of the federal CARES Act money he plans to route to districts to help them cover these costs, but said Monday some help is on the way to pay for the technology costs and purchase of 50,000 additional laptops so the younger grades can participate in remote learning.

Click here to find a rundown of how much districts said they plan to spend on reopening schools this fall. New Britain expects to spend the most — $30 million — followed by Norwalk at $21 million.

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Eva Clement July 29, 2020 at 10:28 am

Consider, in addition to PPE, Environmental safeguards: UV. Lights — properly installed in classrooms, etc to kill viruses.They’re non-consumables and proven effective in hospitals, restaurants, etc.

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