Advocate calls for straightforward approach to impending loss of insurance coverage


HARTFORD, Conn. – While the state is promising to help transition nearly 18,000 low-income parents who will lose their transitional Husky A health insurance at the end of July, at least one advocate is questioning whether the state is doing enough to help.

Ellen Andrews, executive director of the CT Health Policy Project, said the notice of the change in eligibility for Medicaid being sent to parents should give them more useful information in the event they do lose their insurance.

In a letter to Healthcare Advocate Victoria Veltri, Andrews suggested that the notice must be “unambiguous.” She said parents should understand what the loss of coverage means.

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  1. Missy Conrad

    This is another tragic example of our nation’s misdirection of resources to military & war spending, eg. trillions for “modernizing” our nuclear arsenal that we have promised to abolish. Our federal government has been cutting for years now the money that it used to send back to the states. It has not been caring for our roads & bridges & so many other needs, such as mental health/drug addiction & the achievement gap/early childhood education.
    What nation will be a leader in denouncing this reckless waste on nuclear weapons & calling out its stupidity? Who is endorsing this reliance on fear? Is each of us who is silent & accepting? Who will speak against nuclear weapons & for redirecting our money to the needs of humans & all other life & matter: We are one human race sharing & steward for this one beautiful Earth!

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