Advocates mobilize against fracking waste

HARTFORD, Conn. – Advocates seeking to ban the storage in Connecticut of wastewater from hydraulic fracturing delivered petitions with thousands of signatures to policymakers Wednesday as the legislature considers two bills on the subject.

The petitions, which advocates say contained more than 5,600 signatures, urged Gov. Dannel P. Malloy and lawmakers to support a bill that would prohibit the storage and disposal in Connecticut of wastes associated with the hydraulic fracturing process used to extract natural gas.

The state does not have the natural gas resource deposits to engage in the process, known as “fracking,” but advocates are concerned that companies will truck the wastewater into Connecticut from operations in nearby states.

The petitions were organized by several environmental groups including the Connecticut Fund for the Environment. Laura McMillan, the group’s communications director, said the state needs to act now to prevent fracking waste from entering Connecticut in the near future.

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Advocates Mobilize Against Fracking Waste


2 responses to “Advocates mobilize against fracking waste”

  1. EveT

    Nobody knows what’s in fracking waste, because the companies doing fracking don’t disclose what chemicals they use. Then, because it can’t be proven that the waste contains hazardous chemicals, it can’t be classified as a hazardous substance.
    Great loophole for the fossil fuel industry.
    Similar to the recent chemical spill in W VA although that wasn’t related to fracking. The similarity is that very little was or still is known about the chemical that spilled. Why? Because regulations don’t require disclosure or analysis.

  2. the donut hole

    The idea that any company wishing to do this would possibly consider coming to CT to do business is a real laugh. The message is already loud and clear that businesses of all sizes and shapes are not welcome regardless of the hazardous materials they may or may not use. This is a non issue.

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