Advocates urge easier access to expensive drug for Medicaid patients

Easier access to Hep C drug urged
Easier access to Hep C drug urged

HARTFORD, Conn. – Advocates for those living with Hepatitis C are urging the state Department of Social Services to ease new criteria patients must meet in order to have an expensive medication covered by Medicaid.

DSS has issued a bulletin to medical care providers, notifying them that patients with Hepatitis C who are enrolled in HUSKY A, HUSKY C or HUSKY D — parts of the state’s Medicaid program — must have “prior authorization” in order for prescriptions for the medication Sovaldi to be covered.

Prior authorization typically is required by insurers when they want to make sure certain prescription drugs are appropriately used. In essence, it requires enrollees to meet a higher threshold of criteria before insurers will agree to cover the medication’s expense.

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