An open letter to Rep. Jim Himes

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Dear Congressman Himes,


I watched your appearance on a Sunday news show a few weeks back and I must say I’m impressed with your newfound job duties of executive branch oversight. Funny, your first eight years on our dime didn’t provide any of these services, but I’m glad you’ve finally figured out part of your job after all this time. I guess you still need to learn about important little details like due process and the role of the grand jury, but don’t let that stop you from campaigning early, while your district goes down the economic tubes. We just lost another 3,000 jobs and our sales tax revenues are evaporating, down 8% in the last quarter with home sales and prices cratering.

I know you are busy getting ready for the 2020 campaign season underway now, but I was hoping you had a few minutes to answer some questions for the unwashed masses that pay your salary and lifetime pension.

Question: Will you ever get on TV and try to explain why it takes 90 minutes to drive across your 30 mile district on a good day and what you’ve done about it? How does that $70 million guard rail running from Fairfield to Westport that you were so proud of help improve the traffic? Do you have any other plans to help our 3rd worst rated infrastructure in the country? Or is Russian interference the cause of our traffic woes?

Question: Now that GE, RBS, UBS, and others are gone thanks to the high costs of compliance imposed by Dodd / Frank legislation you were a champion of, what kinds of industries are you working on locating here for our economic viability? Did the carve-out you gave to your financial backers who are heavy in the $500 trillion derivatives market promise to come here with jobs to our vacant office buildings littering the landscape? Or are the Russians preventing them from doing this?

Question: In the next 18 months leading up to your presumed re-election bid for a seventh term, are you going to pass any meaningful legislation to help our local economy, traffic, and infrastructure that is falling apart? Your party controls one-half of one-third of our government. Do you think you can work with the Senate and executive branch to gets something meaningful done for our district? Could you possibly work with your political opposition the way Tip O’Neill worked with Reagan to revitalize Boston? Or is it more important to block any meaningful progress? Or are you just too busy being worried about what the Russians are doing?

Maybe you would care to answer some of these questions myself and a lot of others are asking about what you are ever going to do for this district? I’m doubtful (but hopeful) that you might or would. I would welcome your responses to the real questions we need answered.

I’m not expecting a response as you are just too busy worrying about Russia. I get it, the country needs to be divided on non-issues to distract from the absolute failure you have been for our district. You need to propagate the charade that we are being governed by Russian interests to be relevant to your party bosses, but what has it gotten you? What has it gotten for our district? Our roads are falling apart, our jobs our leaving, and our home values are evaporating, and for selling us out you don’t even have a meaningful seat on any committee that your party controls. How does hating Trump help Fairfield County? Next time you get on TV can you please explain these real issues facing us instead of your Russia, Russia, Russia obsession?


Bryan Meek


The writer is a member of the Norwalk Board of Education.


27 responses to “An open letter to Rep. Jim Himes”

  1. Scott Vetare

    Great letter Mr.Meek! Thank you! I also doubt you’ll hear from him!

  2. Irina Comer

    Thank you Bryan for your open letter. Agree with every word.

  3. Sue Haynie

    @Meek. Spot on.

    Himes needs to be talking infrastructure, infrastructure, infrastructure but instead he talks Russia, Russia, Russia because, unfortunately it seems, he has no ideas and no real clout to do anything on the Federal level that actually benefits Fairfield County.

  4. Stephanie Thomas

    I will never understand how people expect negativity to be met with positivity…or even a response. That is a formula that has never worked. I hope that if the writer has true questions for Congressman Himes, he will call his office and schedule a call or meeting to discuss. I, for one, would be much more interested in reading about what came out of a one-on-one conversation.

    I happen to love this City and myself and believe that if you can’t be the change you want to see in the world, you will never see a change in the world.

  5. Roger

    Good questions Bryan. I wonder the same things. No one wants to face the real issues facing this country, this state and this city. I just sold my house in Norwalk for $35,000 less than I bought it for. I am still of working age, but I am leaving this state for a warmer climate where I will not have a state income tax, a state that will not tax my social security and pension payments one day, a state that does not want to have tolls, a state that does not want to tax my capital gains, a state that does not want to tax pet care or legal services . . . . I can keep going, but I will stop here.

  6. steve

    Historical revisionism—RBS collapsed with the 2008 recession (wouldn’t exist today but for govt. largesse) https://www.theguardian.com/business/2011/dec/12/rbs-collapse-timeline
    , UBS collapsed due to the 2008 recession- saved by government largesse (https://www.telegraph.co.uk/finance/newsbysector/banksandfinance/2792800/UBS-The-crisis-at-the-heart-of-the-Swiss-bank.html) GE collapsed because of the recession http://archive.fortune.com/2008/10/09/news/companies/colvin_ge.fortune/index.htm.
    Claiming that Dodd-Frank legislation caused UBS, RBS and GE’s problems is either dishonest or ignorant.

    So Russia sabotages an American election because they hate one of the candidates for calling out their farcical elections and “want” someone else in powerhttps://www.politico.com/story/2016/07/clinton-putin-226153….the desired candidate works with the Russians and with an indicted web entity and owner https://www2.bostonglobe.com/news/politics/2019/01/26/trump-and-associates-had-more-than-contacts-with-russians/991c6gIC3JUtL6K9ZorB3J/story.html

    Trump administration infrastructure policy- https://www.northjersey.com/story/news/transportation/2019/03/11/trump-nj-and-ny-build-hudson-river-rail-tunnel-yourself/3129514002/

    How do you spell appeasement—Meek

  7. Bill Dunne

    I too admire our congressman, if slickness is an admirable trait.

  8. Drewt

    Your letter is spot on and filled with truthful facts and information. Its typical for those in the Democratic Party to classify those comments as negativity. The Democrats and our elected officials are more concerned with what Russia did what they will do the “Collusion” more investigations in the history in Congress. And what is happening in Jim’s District and his State? We aren’t growing in anything except Loss of Jobs, Economy that is going backwards and more taxes coming than we know what to do with. So, questioning this elected official is not only our duty but our right! And we need to demand more answers from them. So, if facts and figures and the truth are considered “negativity” then maybe the Dems will get the message and seeing the light and our Representatives will finally stop the wasteful BS and actually work for the people that unfortunately sent him back to Congress.

  9. John Levin

    Holy smokes, Bryan – I think you have been spending too much time with RWM – perhaps the rage fluffers (credit: SBFF) at FoxNews?

    “I’m impressed with your newfound job duties of executive branch oversight.” Sorry you missed it, but when Rep. Himes took his oath of office on January 3, 2009, he swore to “support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic”. I understand that Trump sycophants are unhappy with congressional oversight. But it’s in in the Constitution, and I think the writers of that constitution had a good idea that still works well today.

    WRT to your first two questions: Rep. Himes works in the U.S. House of Representatives in Washington D.C. which is responsible largely for addressing national and international issues. These questions are better posed to the newly elected governor of our state, and to the state representatives who share responsibility for these important issues. Fortunately, our state’s new executive leadership seeks to bring a toll system to the congested highways you are concerned about. Combined with congestion pricing, I hope we can see some relief soon.

    Wrt to question #3: support for significant federal infrastructure spending, aka an infrastructure bill, has support that is broad and deep across the electorate and both political parties. But the political obstacle remains how to pay for it. As you know, deficit spending already is very high, even though the economy is strong. The democrats wish to pay for it by raising the gasoline tax, while republicans want to increase the budget deficit, and get our children and grandchildren to pay for it. Rep. Himes would probably appreciate your input on funding options. Personally, I favor fiscal responsibility and feel we should pay our bills now with taxes.


  10. Bryan Meek

    Levin. Obama’s IRS was caught targeting political opposition. Lois Lerner took the 5th amendment. Himes was silent. You want me to go on? You will lose. Promise.

  11. Karl M Deering

    Outstanding Bryan !!!!!! Could you write your next letter to Bob Duff ??????

  12. Steve Mann

    Great letter Bryan. If anyone thinks that being negative is unbecoming, then they should check in with a guy named Blumenthal, whose every comment suggests that the Trump presidency is illegal, and that ever presidential action is a coverup. Do people actually hear themselves?

    It is our duty as a free society to question. When a duly elected official such as Hines refuses to address the concerns of a portion of his constituency, then his motives must be questioned. With all due respect to Ms. Thomas, I suggest you register as a Republican in Connecticut and let us know how far you get with having your concerns addressed. Unless of course you bring a camera and promise a photo op.

    I’m also amazed at how many current voters are in favor of a brand new tax camouflaged as a toll. While some applaud the new executive leadership for having the foresight to pay down the deficit with this tax, others of us wonder why the problem can’t be headed off with restrictions on spending. The states credit card never seems to be maxed out. How about saying “no” to over-the-top union demands? How about an overhaul of the states pension and benefits program? How about scaling down the size of government by shedding redundant positions and weeding out no-show state employees? Nope that’s gonna cost a few votes and is therefore unacceptable. Bob Stefanowski asked a simple question: “How much intelligence does it take to realize we need to do the opposite of what Dannel Malloy did?” Apparently the answer is, “more than the voters of Connecticut can muster”.

  13. Paul Lanning

    A commenter is happy to move to a state that has no state income tax. Such states get more federal subsidies than states that pay their own way. In addition to paying CT taxes, we subsidize Mississippi and a bunch of others.

  14. Paul Lanning

    My bad example. Mississippi does have state income tax.

  15. Joe

    Thanks Mr. Meek.

    Mr. Himes swore to defend our US Constitution. Which means our LAWS!

    Yet he has ignored the hundreds of thousands of ILLEGAL foreigners who live in Connecticut and dilute our economy and resources. The pie is only so big. The slices are getting too thin.

    Jim’s stock answer is the swamp answer, “we need comprehensive immigration reform.”

    That’s a cop-out. That’s vacant. That’s illogical.

    He doesn’t care. As long as he has his Swamp Power he’s happy. Screw us.

  16. Bryan Meek

    All those banks paid back the money the government required them to borrow for the solvency measures put into effect and they paid interest on top of it. The high cost of compliance, caused by Dodd Frank, made the industry much less profitable forcing divestment and moves to lower cost labor markets. These are undeniable facts. You can talk to any one of the 10,000 plus workers in our region who lost their jobs in the last 5 years. Dodd Frank was a present to the large banks who donate millions to Himes.


  17. Steve

    It’d be nice if someone from the trump administration actually came to Congress and even took the fifth . Sorry there’s no comparison btw this and any other admin including Nixon

  18. Sarah Waters

    I’m with Jim Himes & steve on this one. I think Jim Himes will support what is good for CT whenever he can, without selling his, our district’s and our country’s soul to the devil, so to speak, and without selling out our future economy & infrastructure down the road.

    It’s kind of like, Bryan Meek can have a job, be on the BOE, be on BOE committees, be a parent, and have time to write letters opposing a Congressman and supporting a President. I’m not in love with everything you have accomplished or supported either, Bryan.

    Thank you for your service. I think you should take a moment and try to think what Jim Himes might be trying to accomplish for our country, and consider thanking him for his service. But that doesn’t seem like it will ever happen because you are too busy worried about (the legitimate process of) executive oversight, and you are too busy defending Trunp, and trying to continue the spin that executive oversight is all just fodder for getting Democrats elected. Executive oversight is and always has been a critical job of Congress. No matter which side of the aisle you are on.

  19. Bryan Meek

    What is more amazing than Himes’ lack of meaningful accomplishments for this district, is his supporters inability to come close to even naming just one. I can give Himes’ credit for at least suggesting the river’s navigation status be changed, but his balance sheet is more than negative. And if my asking what hating Trump has brought us constitutes support then I guess I support him. I never questioned the Legislative’s constitutional responsibility for oversight of the Executive. I’m only incredulous as to why he failed to do that for 8 years and is so fervent in chasing down a hoax, while staying mum on the destruction of what used to be the gold coast on his watch.

  20. Tysen Canevari

    Jim Himes is just a spoiled guy from Greenwich. I write him constatntly to ask what he has done or will do about health care costs for the working class. I NEVER receive a response other than the generic one they send to everyone. If i had a $5000 a plate fundraiser he would show up and answer for sure. Politics aside he is good for nothing! He and Blumenthal are sad examples of politicians doing positive things.

  21. marianne jordan

    Here is another question someone should ask Mr Himes what right do they have taking President Trump off the ballot in Nov 20/20. because he has not showed his taxes who cares . Mr.Himes gets on Tv and lies, all the democracts do. I wish people would do the research them selves. I have. I also read the muller report . they need to let this go. by the way Obama know about Russia in 2015 he did nothing to stop it .

  22. Steve Mann

    Apparently all a Congressman has to do is to bash the President, so to speak, and he’s doing “what’s good for the country”. I’d implore those of that opinion to check Himes’ Congressional Voting Record. It’s all there online. If you think that Congress does nothing, the proof is right there. Three or four bills introduced in a session, and then a countless number of resolutions bickering about the bills’ language. Do that for a few months and then go home for an extended break (from what??) and enjoy the benefits of office. I could get used to that.

    Rep Himes, please have a chat wth Rep. Nadler and let him know that after two and a half years, and millions of dollars of taxpayer money spent, accept the findings of the Mueller report. It’s what you waited for, and now you have it. Taunting an accomplished man of integrity such as AG Barr shows your lack thereof. Not holding my breath though.

  23. Milly

    How upset were all you people when in 2008 the republican plan was to make Obama a one term president. That did not happen so instead they spent 8 years doing nothing – except trying to eliminate health insurance.

  24. Bryan Meek

    @Milly. Sigh.

    The GOP never had enough votes to fix the problems caused by Obamacare, which today includes 9% interest on student loans (yes, why Obamacare took over the student loan industry is still something Himes nor anyone else who voted for this before reading it can explain), shortage of doctors, and dramatically increased health care costs.

    Then again, while they weren’t busy doing that, they also weren’t investigating Obama for his hot mic comments to Medyedev to “tell Putin, I’ll have more flexibility after I’m re-elected”. They also didn’t conduct years of hearings and investigations trying about Obama’s red line in the sand with Syria that eventually led to Russia’s best interests in the region. They also haven’t done much to investigate the Russian take over of parts of Ukraine under Obama’s watch. Nor did they say much about the tours of our nuclear facilities given by his Secretary of State Hillary Clinton after her stupid staples reset button. They also did nothing about the Russian payoffs to the Clinton Foundation after the Uranium one deal.


    Can you imagine if Trump had done any of these things? In that case, Himes could be justified. In this case, he’s a proven political hack and at that a dangerous one who actually did nothing about an executive branch selling us out to Russian interests. It’s rich today that he’s making accusations about something with ZERO evidence to support his claims.

    And again, what does Fairfield County get out of it?

  25. Milly

    Bryan double sigh Do as I say not as I do – the republican motto!

  26. Spike Reed

    Bryan…Well stated case for why Rep Himes should not get re-elected. He is a penultimate politician…good presentation, articulate, but with no real passion for the people of CT who desperately need his help. Forget “Identity Politics”. We need solutions for all CT residents. You’d think with the disastrous fiscal situation facing CT, he’d be doing EVERYTHING he could to set our economy straight. Please. Enough of the national Democratic rhetoric, and more focus on solutions for all of Connecticut. Bryan…any political ambitions? 🙂

  27. Ken

    Anybody who thinks Himes has an iota of respect for our constitution isn’t paying attention or cannot read.
    His Job is protecting OUR rights here in CT at the federal level. He has no business more important than that. Yet he supports the very policies that have been driving CT down the drain for decades.

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