DTC Chair’s anti-immigrant charge underscores why politics has become so intractable

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To Norwalk DTC Chair Camacho and Senate Majority Leader Duff. Hi, my name is Doug Thomson, Norwalk Mayoral Candidate Lisa Brinton’s son, writing from afar in Bengaluru, India.

Your recent comments in the Hour and elsewhere that my mother is “anti-immigrant and anti-people of color,” among other absurdities, depresses me greatly. It has only given me heightened appreciation as to why modern American politics has become so intractable.

In Washington, people who say they want a pathway to citizenship for DREAMERs are regularly chastised for being pro “open borders.” Those who highlight that Medicare and Social Security are unsustainable in their current form are written off as anti-senior. It is therefore of little surprise that when a local mayoral candidate says they want to prevent unscrupulous landlords from illegally subdividing their properties and not paying fair tax, or to ensure that Hartford assists Norwalk in paying the cost of absorbing a few hundred unanticipated unaccompanied minors, one gets blasted as “anti-immigrant” and worse.

Mr. Camacho’s platitudes would be funny if they weren’t so indicative of the incapacity of our contemporary political system to solve any complex nuanced issue, as politicians are more inclined to smear others with absurdist banners (you’re a racist, homophobe, nativist, “you don’t believe in the Second Amendment,” you’re a National Socialist, a Communist, the devil himself), and thereby hide, than engage in a nitty gritty debate as to why they believe their opponent’s policies are ineffectual, redundant, or misguided. It is a profound sign of intellectual laziness and a sad belief in the public’s incapacity to think too.

Lisa Brinton has spent the past 15 years working to better our proudly diverse school system, has help teach hundreds of NPS students to write, and spent countless hours volunteering in the Norwalk Housing Authority. Saying that she is “anti-everything that isn’t her homogeneous version of America,” is quite genuinely the most ludicrous line I have ever read. I do not know the DTC Chair, but his recent comments are that of nothing but a bully.

Fortunately for Messrs Camacho and Duff, it will be tough to dislodge an incumbent Democrat by a hereto unknown candidate in Democrat leaning Norwalk. Granted. However, I believe the fact that they are resorting to such nasty names indicates that she at least has a shot!

I am proud that my mother is out ruffling feathers and has actually made the 2019 mayoral race a competitive one.

Go Lisa!


Doug Thomson



Isabelle Hargrove October 22, 2019 at 10:36 am

I have been impressed with Lisa’s issues-oriented campaign and her grounded, purposeful demeanor. She is not afraid of having what she calls courageous conversations that help solve problems. She is also not afraid to voice her disapproval of decisions and policies she disagrees with and don’t serve Norwalkers well. Equipped with facts and ideas, she has never stooped to the character assassination and fear-mongering tactics that Messrs Duff and Camacho resorted to in their desperate efforts to take her down. It is no wonder she raised such a level-headed, fair-minded, clear-thinking young man.

It is a sad day in politics when a 24-year old can embarrass our State Senate Majority leader. As great a young person as Doug might be, it speaks volumes about the caliber of our current leadership. Sigh…

Niz October 22, 2019 at 12:43 pm

thank you for your input, personally I think only brown skin people can call out racism or racists language, etc… and the rest of us consider their complaint and support them in justifable claims. It is odd to me how so many non brown skim people think they are in the position to speak on racism. My kids are multi racial and I am not quick to claim racism… that is my opinion.

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