Anti-vaccination folks neglect to consider health care workers

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It’s clear that there are breakthrough infections for people fully vaccinated and boosted but what’s also very clear is that the large large majority of seriously ill people suffering from Covid are not vaccinated.

One of the largest defenses for this inaction is freedom of choice. The right to not get vaccinated. That is all well and good except for some real and serious details. If, in fact, an unvaccinated person gets sick they, of course, can infect others including family but more importantly if they have to go to a doctor or worse to a hospital there are many health care workers, who are completely overworked, that now have to take care of the persons who were exhibiting their freedom of choice. That’s wrong in so many ways. These workers are tied to the Hippocratic oath but given both the politicization, false facts as well as the selfishness of youth it seems so wrong and unfair that the health care workers bear the brunt and burden of this behavior.

For those that choose for whatever reason to not get vaccinated, please, if you get sick stay home, don’t go near others, and don’t go to the hospital. We are all tired of seeing death bed conversions from the previously convinced anti-vaxxers who now confronted with death, wish to change their vote or their choice. Less and less sympathy is being generated for those that follow this path given that there is a scientifically confirmed options that would have saved that life.

Also the amount of people that are forced to work to try and save these persons is stunning in that the burn out factor is staggering in the health care industry. People are walking away from this field due to endless stress that is exacerbated by the unwilling and demanding. It pushes all of us who are trying to work through this to the best of our ability right to the edge.


Andy Glazer


16 responses to “Anti-vaccination folks neglect to consider health care workers”

  1. Ronald Koroscil


  2. Scott Vetare

    Andy. My body my choice! Not your business who’s vaccinated and who’s not!

  3. Bob Schumann

    They are, most importantly in my opinion, taking up beds and staff attention that needs to be free for emergencies, elective surgeries and other needs of people who are not taking up space due to their getting seriously ill burdening others with their “freedom to choose.”

  4. Fear Monger

    Hospitals have to treat their patients, no matter how badly you don’t want them to. They don’t turn down the obese because they got themselves that way. They don’t turn down smokers for lung cancer or alcoholics for cirrhosis of the liver. You simply want people to die because they don’t follow your way of thinking.

    “If, in fact, an unvaccinated person gets sick they, of course, can infect others including family but more importantly if they have to go to a doctor or worse to a hospital”. Ever hear of yesterdays news, “breakthrough cases” that aren’t really a breakthrough anymore? Triple jabbed folks in the hospital or at home with Covid, I personally know 3. And straight from Rochelle Walensky, the vaccine doesn’t stop a person from catching or spreading the virus, so you truly HAVE NO VALID POINT.

  5. Norwalk High Neighbor

    Want to get more people vaccinated? Make THEM have to pay for their own bills when they bring their sick behinds to the hospital! Insurance companies and the government should stop covering these outrageous expenses. Has anyone else noticed an increase to their 2022 health insurance? Wonder why…

  6. Alex Knopp

    Well stated, Andy. The same holds true not just for health care workers but also for all public service workers who provide direct services to the public– police, fire, library employees, City Hall staff and others.

  7. Jalna Jaeger

    The problem with the unvaccinated is that we are ALL affected!
    If we need to go to the hospital, there might not be a bed for us. God forbid you get sick or need surgery! One way or another we are ALL affected, by paying for their medical care, not getting the care that we need. Its a very sad situation.

  8. Norwalker

    How about the healthcare workers that choose not to be vaccinated? They worked endless hours taking care of sick people with a virus we knew nothing about. And now those that don’t believe in mandatory vaccinations are tossed to the curb like yesterdays trash. And dare the author tell sick people not to go to the hospital! Don’t try and guilt people for having their own beliefs and opinions. Did you tell the anti-police protesters and defund the police supporters, including our politicians, NOT to call the police if they have an emergency?

  9. Piberman

    Maybe the cavalier attitude starts from the top. Why does CT’s Government tax our hospitals overstressed fighting Covid by a billion dollars annually ? Is that to help save lives or make it easier for the hard pressed staffs ? Or is more important to spend monies on other activities, such as pay raises, than saving lives ?

    Maybe our elected officials ought spend some time looking into a Covid ICU facility and see seasoned well trained medical staff deal with terminal Covid patients.

  10. Laura KH

    Brilliantly said. Not only are the unvaccinated COVID il putting health care workers at risk of illness or death, many health care workers are earning lower salaries, while struggling to support their families. What happens to the families when the health care worker is ill or dies? Many health care workers are leaving the profession leaving even fewer professionals to care for the ill.
    Moreover, seriously patients, who do not have COVID, are at risk when the hospitals cannot properly care for them.

  11. James

    @ Scott, are people allowed to be curious about the vaccine status of hospital patients? The following anti-vaxers freely shared their unvaccinated status before dying:

    Marc Bernier, Dick Farrel, Tod Tucker, Jimmy DeYoung, Phil Valentine, to name a few.

    Freedom isn’t free, they made their choice, just as others who want to beat this thing choose to get vaxed and should have the freedom to encourage others to do the same.

  12. JustaTaxpayer

    If we agree that the unvaccinated take up room from others, where do we go next? How about proof of being a citizen?

  13. Audrey Cozzarin

    This whole situation is a mess. What I fear more than Covid is what it’s doing to our society, where our neighbors are enemies unless they comply. This facet above and beyond public health is the true scare.

  14. Norwalker

    For everyone who thinks that people who choose not to be vaccinated should not get medical treatment or pay their own bills, do you apply the same principles with other areas? Ask yourself these questions. Should illegal immigrants or anyone who does not pay their share in taxes not receive medical treatment, education or services of government and first responders? Do the people who believe in defunding the police still have a right to police protection? Do smokers and overweight unhealthy people who choose not to change their lifestyle have a right to medical care? The politicalization of vaccines has turned people into hate filled hypocrites. Should government just round up anyone not vaccinated and lock them up in internment camps? Maybe a genocide of the unvaccinated will satisfy these people.

  15. Rational Skeptic

    hmmm.. . manufacturers immune from product liability, no animal testing to understand long-term effects, no understanding of longevity or health impacts of multiple shots on one’s immune system, erroneous predictions (no masks, one mask, two masks)?. Can’t blame anyone’s apprehension to take these shots. Too many true believers out there on vaccines and more emphasis should be placed on therapeutics. For anyone who thinks vaccines can’t boomerang against one’s own immune system please study ANTIBODY-DEPENDENT-ENHANCEMENT.

  16. Coco

    Thanks for writing this, Andy. It’s a terrible situation, and you’re so right: we all need to pull together to get through this.
    Only 70 Million in entire US population of 331 Million are boosted. According to Johns Hopkins, a booster will minimize risk of hospitalization by 88% & starts protecting you in 7 days, with major protection in 14 days. Unfortunately, those who choose to be unvaccinated are going to be the ones who get really sick during the next few weeks. It’s just so sad, for them and for their loved ones. We are hearing more and more stories from medical workers about unvaccinated patients begging for a vaccine before being put on a respirator.
    So the message is clear: get vaccinated, get your booster. And if you don’t, well then, you’re clearly playing a very high-stakes game with your health. People will be angry with you. In the end it doesn’t really matter whether you think that anger is justified or not.

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