Attention West Norwalk

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Residents of West Norwalk should be aware that the West Norwalk Association will be holding a meeting this Wednesday, March 15, at 7:30 p.m. in the library at Fox Run Elementary School.

“The purpose of The West Norwalk Association,” according to its constitution, “is to foster and preserve the residential character and quality of life in the West Norwalk community.”  As Anthony Carrano, the last elected President of the WNA wrote in an email to West Norwalk residents: “The current 5 board members have far exceeded the term limits and need to be replaced.”

Hence, if you are a West Norwalk resident concerned about traffic, garbage, abandoned properties, noise or any other issues affecting your wellbeing and/or the wellbeing of your neighbors, you are encouraged to attend the meeting.  There you will have a chance to help elect a new President and board and meet with others to discuss how to address those issues. 

Recently, with Mr. Carrano leading the charge, the WNA prevented School House Academy from taking over Lakota Oaks and generating traffic that would have undermined the safety and wellbeing of West Norwalk residents and in particular the safety of children attending three schools in the area.

Currently there is concern that the additional traffic the proposed Sikh religious center scheduled to be built on Richards Avenue will generate will also undermine the residential quality of West Norwalk and the safety of children attending Fox Run.

So if you are a West Norwalk Resident, please join your neighbors (and encourage others to do so as well) this Wednesday in the library at Fox Run School to elect a new WNA board and address this and other issues affecting you and all your neighbors.


Betsy Bowen

Paul Cantor

Myška Lopaur

Bill Wrenn


David Muccigrosso March 15, 2023 at 8:32 am

Just because you dress it up in a nice bourgeois façade, doesn’t make your NIMBYism any less uncivil towards your neighbors.

Just keep in mind that SoNo, with the highest revenue-per-square-foot in the region, is effectively subsidizing all those pretty suburban streets you want to preserve.

We are NOT your enemies.

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