Author: Bob Welsh

  • Heart-wrenching D-Day memories

    Most folks over sixty-five years of age remember where they were and what they were doing when they heard that President Kennedy had been assassinated, and many of us yet older codgers recall their first reactions to the news from Pearl Harbor and, a bit later on, from D-Day.

  • I’m a Republican now, and glad of it

    Attorney and former NAACP head Darnell Crosland recently changed his party registration to Republican, and has filed papers to run for Mayor. My time thus far as a Republican has been great.  Do I always feel at home?  The answer is no.  But I rather honestly not feel at home around real people than around…

  • CT Senate endorses plan requiring schools to teach African American, Latino history

    Connecticut schools will be required to offer a course in  African American, Puerto Rican and Latino history by 2022 under a bill unanimously approved by the state Senate late Thursday night. The Senate vote came days after the House of Representatives endorsed the plan. The bill now goes to Gov. Ned Lamont for consideration.

  • Shout out to NECA grads

    Anthony Allison is the Chief Initiative Officer of Norwalk ACTS. Shout Out to the Norwalk Community College Graduating Class of 2019, which included sixteen students from the Norwalk Public Schools – Norwalk Early College Academy (NECA) program.

  • Separated by design: How wealthy CT towns fight affordable housing

    This article was produced through a partnership between ProPublica and the Connecticut Mirror, which is a member of the ProPublica Local Reporting Network.  ProPublica, the CT Mirror, and NancyOnNorwalk are members of the Institute for Nonprofit News (INN).   WESTPORT, Conn. — A dirt field overgrown with weeds is the incongruous entrance to one of America’s wealthiest towns,…

  • Shout out to Gibson, Maritime Odyssey Preschool

    Anthony Allison is the Chief Initiative Officer at Norwalk ACTS. Shout Out to Monisha Gibson and Maritime Odyssey Preschool on being recognized by the Connecticut Association for Human Services (CAHS) for there work as a critical partner in the statewide Two Generation pilot program. On May 22nd, Monisha will be presenting at a Two Generation Forum on “Early Childhood…

  • CT Senate sends $15 minimum wage bill to Lamont

    HARTFORD, Conn. — Connecticut’s minimum-wage workers will see their hourly wages rise from $10.10 to $15 over the next four-and-a-half years under legislation passed early Friday by the Senate and sent to Gov. Ned Lamont for his promised signature.  The final passage by the Senate on a party-line vote of 21-14 delivers on the first…

  • Opinion: Lawmakers are jeopardizing school funding equity again

    Roughly a year and a half ago, the Connecticut General Assembly passed a bipartisan state budget that contained a new Education Cost Sharing formula to distribute approximately $2 billion annually in state education funding to local public school districts. The passage of a new ECS formula not only ended the years-long trend of allocating state…

  • Once Around the City: Talks, youth classes, dogs, and plants

    Update, 5/13: corrected registration contact info for Oyster Shell park cleanup NORWALK, Conn. — Talks on secular groups, parks, and real estate, plus information on youth summer classes, a Mutt Strutt, a plant sale, and a volunteer gardening opportunity are all on tap for you in this edition of “Once Around the City”.   Levin…

  • ECS nothing to brag about in the face of unhealthy city trends

    I watched Senator Duff’s recent press conference, where he touted the proposed state budget as a win for education and Norwalk, while taking a swipe at Republicans.  The swipe was unnecessary, since bi-partisan legislative adjustments were made a couple of years ago for student poverty and English Language Learners (ELL). The result for Norwalk is…

  • Things I’ve noticed

    Have you noticed… …that since IBM bought the Weather Channel the weather has become really lousy? …that many of the hidden untrustables came out of hiding with long white beards and scraggly hair looking like David Letterman?

  • Why your mom may be the mother of all heroes

    Each May, the United States celebrates Mother’s Day, and for good reason. According to surveys I’ve conducted, over 25% of Americans cite their mother as their number one hero. Fathers come in a distant second at 16%. Moms are indeed the mother of all heroes.

  • D’Amelio withdraws lawsuit against reporter

    D’Amelio withdraws lawsuit against reporter

    NORWALK, Conn. — A lawsuit brought by unsuccessful state Senate candidate Marc D’Amelio against journalist Nancy Chapman was withdrawn Monday by his attorney, before a judge could rule on a motion that could have obligated D’Amelio to pay the cost of Chapman’s defense. D’Amelio’s lawyer, Robert Serafinowicz, told Stamford Superior Court Judge Alex Hernandez that…

  • Black communities will lose most from legalizing recreational pot

    If Connecticut legalizes recreational marijuana, it is the black community that will suffer most. I understand that lawmakers are facing massive budget shortfalls, and naturally want to find a way to generate more revenue. But when it comes to marijuana, we have to weigh the potential profit against the victimization that drugs target.

  • Latinos would gain from participating in Norwalk politics

    According to DataUSA, the racial mix of Norwalk’s population is 52% white, 27% Latino, and 14% Black. Sixteen percent of residents are not US citizens, making Norwalk a de facto sanctuary city. Demographers have long forecast Norwalk becoming a Latino-dominant city.

  • Opinion: Trains run slower than in 1960s due to Walk Bridge, neglect

    Rail commuters on Metro-North got a Spring surprise recently:  a new timetable with slower running times.  Rush hour trains now leave earlier and arrive later than before, adding anywhere from one to ten minutes to published running times, depending on the length of the trip. But hey!  What happened to that 30-30-30 plan for faster trains?  Why are the trains running…