Author: John Levin

  • “Open Streets” A Huge Hit

    “Open Streets” A Huge Hit

    On Saturday, June 1st, Norwalk celebrated its second “Open Streets” festival, sponsored by the Norwalk Bike/Walk Commission, Norwalk Public Schools, and advocacy group Sustainable Streets Norwalk, with logistical support from Norwalk’s Departments of Recreation and Parks, TMP, and Police. For four hours, from 9 am to 1 pm, the east side of Calf Pasture Beach…

  • Norwalk photos – mattress recycling day

    Norwalk photos – mattress recycling day

  • Predictions for 2024

    Predictions for 2024

    Yupp – it’s that time again.  Looking back to 2023’s Predictions – https://www.nancyonnorwalk.com/opinion-predictions-for-2023/ – I think I did a pretty good job: I claim 6½ out of 10, a personal best!  Okay, some of these were rather easy, but given there aren’t any rules for predictions, I will take what I can get.  Here are…

  • Haitian flag flies in Heritage Park

    Haitian flag flies in Heritage Park

    NORWALK, Conn. — Norwalk officials raised the Haitian flag Thursday at Heritage Wall, marking the 220th anniversary of Haiti’s independence from France. Mayor Harry Rilling and Common Council President Greg Burnett (D-At Large) joined Council member Diana Révolus (D-District B), vice president of the Haitian American Collaborative and founder of M.E.R.C.I. (Marie & Emilio Revolus…

  • Beloved journalist celebrates birthday, receives ‘special’ wishes

    NORWALK, Conn. — Hyperlocal watchdog journalist Nancy Chapman celebrated her birthday Wednesday, surrounded by friends and well-wishers. Chapman took the night off — a well-earned break from writing until 5 a.m. to deliver vital Norwalk news you won’t find elsewhere. Please enjoy these birthday greetings she received from Norwalk newsmakers.