Avoiding ‘tech support’ telephone scams

Lon Seidman is CTTech Junkie’s lead reporter/analyst

Computer “technical support” calls that originate overseas and victimize American consumers are increasing in frequency, thanks to cheap international phone rates and advanced phone dialing technologies. CTTechJunkie received one of these calls and we recorded the conversation in the video above.

This particular scam begins with a call from the “technical support department” claiming that a computer within the household has downloaded some malicious software and potentially compromised by hackers. After gaining the trust of the victim, the scammer on the other end guides the user to load a Microsoft event viewer utility that’s built into windows and displays innocuous errors for troubleshooting purposes. The scammers use the items labeled ‘warning’ and ‘error’ to convince their victim that something ominous is amiss.

See the complete story at CT News Junkie.

Avoiding “Tech Support” Telephone Scams


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  1. McKeen Shanogg

    Our household got one of these calls. The caller was very nasty when we refused to tell him our passwords.

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