Bacchiochi fires campaign consultant, Foley keeps her

Regina Roundtree (Hugh McQuaid file photo)
Regina Roundtree (Hugh McQuaid file photo)

HARTFORD, Conn. – Lieutenant governor candidate Penny Bacchiochi ended a consulting agreement with urban outreach consultant Regina Roundtree Thursday for online comments about another candidate, but Roundtree will continue work for Tom Foley’s gubernatorial campaign.

“Her status is that she’s a consultant to the Foley campaign for urban outreach,” Foley spokesman Chris Cooper said. “The work she was doing for the Bacchiochi campaign was not connected or related to the work she is doing for the Foley campaign in any way.”

Roundtree had also served as an urban outreach consultant for the Bacchiochi campaign until Thursday when Bacchiochi’s primary opponent, Heather Bond Somers, called on the campaign to “disavow” statements Roundtree made about her on social media.

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  1. Norewalk Lifer

    Link is broken, so what did Ms. Roundtree say? she cited “white privilege” on her facebook page, now tell me, residents of our own town, who work and live here, state their frustration, and cite discrimination, and the whole damn lot of the GOP members of this town jump on them like a flea on a dog’s back.
    This woman who is a recognized urban outreach member of the GOP, makes a similar statement about a candidate, (thank you Karl Rove, and Lee Atwater, for your “attack politics”) and crickets are heard chirping……,


    Norwalk Lifer

    The link is fixed. And so you don’t have to go far: http://www.ctnewsjunkie.com/archives/entry/bacchiochi_fires_campaign_consultant_foley_keeps_her/

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