Battling Dems heading to Norwalk City Hall for press conference

NORWALK, Conn. – The combatants in a July 1 altercation that has threatened to further splinter Norwalk’s Democratic Party are meeting Sunday morning for a press conference in front of Norwalk City Hall.

Norwalk Democratic Town Committee Chairwoman Amanda Brown, District E Chairman Bill Krummel and Regina Krummel, who is seeking a nomination as a Board of Education candidate, will address the press at 8:30 a.m. at the City Hall entrance, not far from the scene of the fight that resulted in a black eye for Bill Krummel, 84, and a cut elbow for Regina Krummel, 82.

Two of Norwalk’s four Democratic mayoral candidates called for Brown, 38, to resign last week after news broke that she had punched Bill Krummel after he slapped her in an argument stemming from Regina Krummel’s desire to run for the BOE.

Brown has not responded to emails since releasing a statement Wednesday giving her side of the story. The Krummels have not returned phone calls from NancyOnNorwalk since granting an interview the day after the incident.

In a story published Saturday on NancyOnNorwalk, two disaffected party members – Michael Geake and Bruce Kimmel – called for all three to step back from Democratic Party roles, and Kimmel, a Democrat who now caucuses with the Republicans, had harsh words for the overall party leadership. Geake, who left the party in a dispute over his wife’s role, also caucuses with the Republicans.

Check back with NancyOnNorwalk later Sunday morning for coverage of the press conference.


13 responses to “Battling Dems heading to Norwalk City Hall for press conference”

  1. D(ysfunctional)TC

    Sounds like more ridiculous excuses coming. Can’t be a letter of resignation publicly read aloud. Why would you embarrass yourself further?

  2. M. Murray’s

    This is a “we are all good lets forget the whole public spectacle” kind of meeting

  3. Suzanne

    Unless they all apologize and take responsibility for their ridiculous actions thereby removing themselves from any positions of responsibility within the Democratic Party, city government and politics, it is a complete waste of time. Norwalk deserves much better servants to their community and these people do not qualify. I don’t care if they work out their personal problems, their public problems speak to everyone and are a much greater reflection on how this town works or doesn’t. They can make peace all they want between themselves but get them out of my town’s policy/government/political decision making!

  4. Lisa Thomson

    All parties need to step down after this spectacle, particularly as this is an election season and their actions will have consequences for all candidates on the DTC ticket. Cutting a deal and making nice in public will not go over well with the general public, will be seen as self serving and create further fractures in your party. Everybody needs to take a timeout and it should last longer than a week. Taking a lesson from state and national politics, Amanda Brown can jump back into the political fray in another year or so when the dust settles and as for the Krummels- perhaps it is time to exit the political stage altogether.

  5. notaffiliated

    Nothing like having a press conference on the Lord’s day. I’ll be at church…sorry

  6. Daisy

    They should all be ashamed of themselves and step down.

  7. Admo

    For once I agree with Lisa .I will be sorry to see Amanda go but for the good of the party which I am a member they should both resign and Regina should not run.

  8. Smitty

    Hey Bridgeport just celebrated P.T Barnum and now we have to celebrate our circus too.

  9. Independent Voter

    Good question about the timing of this press conference, especially on a holiday weekend. That in itself tells me the event is more about damage control and putting lipstick on a very ugly pig.

  10. NorwalkVoter

    Damage control. Now move on.

  11. Betsy Wrenn

    Private apologies, public apologies, forgiveness, all leads to peace among folks … and that’s good. Had I known about this press conference, I would have been there to cheer them for their courage.

  12. Suzanne

    It’s not courage, it is a requirement of their bad behavior, at least that’s what we tell our kids. Now, let’s all believe in their forgiveness to their community and each other and let them be real peace makers by stepping out of the way, the consequences of their behavior. Parties in this town are particularly unkind around any suspect behavior – do you think the DTC has any credibility left or their candidates? People on the fence are going to be asking, “Where is their conscience?” And these good, courageous people who bloody each other to solve frustrating problems will say, “Pick me! Pick me! We forgave each other!” Too late, they have already been chosen and we are to act like their peace making and one week gave them a long course in appropriate leadership and problem-solving techniques.

  13. Dawn

    Really warms the heart to see them all holding hands. Now all they need to do is start singing “Kumbayaa”….

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