Beloved journalist celebrates birthday, receives ‘special’ wishes

Nancy Chapman celebrates her birthday in a dimly-lit restaurant Wednesday. (Contributed)

NORWALK, Conn. — Hyperlocal watchdog journalist Nancy Chapman celebrated her birthday Wednesday, surrounded by friends and well-wishers.

Chapman took the night off — a well-earned break from writing until 5 a.m. to deliver vital Norwalk news you won’t find elsewhere.

Please enjoy these birthday greetings she received from Norwalk newsmakers.


From Bob Duff:

Dear Nancy,

I don’t yet have a position on your birthday because there are still many unanswered questions.  But I do support birthdays under some circumstances, and I am working very, very hard to increase the amount of cake we receive from Hartford.


p.s. Come by anytime for free ice cream and face-painting.


From Mike Barbis (email obtained via FOIA):

Dear Schmucks,

Sorry, not sorry, I couldn’t attend this so-called birthday party.  I urge all BOE members to skip this event.  I never said that.  But seriously, skip this event.  That’s ridiculous!  I don’t have the bandwidth to tell Board members what events to boycott.  I’m too busy building new schools and helping students as an interpersonal skills mentor.  Today’s lesson: how to tell people what events to attend.  NOT this one!!!



From Mike Lyons (also obtained via FOIA):

What he said.  This can’t be FOIA’d, right?


From Jason Milligan:

Happy Birthday!  I’m here.  You just can’t see me because I’m wearing camo to blend in with the shrimp.  Also, when I said I wanted a seat at the table, I meant the grownups’ table.  Anyway, Harry is a @#%*&! swamp creature and I plan to subpoena his entire family.  Much, much, much, much more to come and it’s going to be huge.  Mario’s yard plus five cases of t.p. equals… WOW!  Please cover it.  But first, enjoy a birthday smoothie on me.  They’re delicious!  I’ll be waiting at the intersection of slum and blight.




From Mayor Harry Rilling:

I am Harry Rilling and I have the privilege of being a mayor of a city with no parking whatsoever, a city juggling two potentially disastrous projects.  I love being mayor!  I haven’t paid for a drink in seven years.  I’m the man to see if you’re looking for tax abatements to build something ugly.  Oh, what’s that?  Laoise tells me it’s your birthday.  I know nothing about that, and it’s all Jason Milligan’s fault.


p.s. Hope you enjoy these gift certificates to Garden Cinemas — soon.





15 responses to “Beloved journalist celebrates birthday, receives ‘special’ wishes”

  1. RosieH

    Thank you…a great start to the day. Happy birthday!🎈

  2. Jason Milligan

    Very funny.

    Happy Birthday Nancy

  3. jo bennett

    Oh, my goodness. I just choked on my coffee. Must have been quite the birthday party!

  4. David

    Happy birthday in Connecticut I hope it was a good one and it wasn’t overly taxing keep coming back for more taxing birthdays and bring your friends and family we need them here okay.

    PS great article a month late

  5. Tod

    Love it. Happy Birthday!

  6. EnoPride

    Happy Birthday, Nancy!

  7. Bob Welsh

    Special thanks to Anonymous for this contribution.

    Nancy hasn’t had a weeknight off in quite a while, and the NoN board is concerned she enjoyed it so much that she won’t come back.

    If you enjoy reading NoN, please become a monthly sustainer in honor of Nancy’s birthday. It’s so important!

    Click here now:


  8. marija bryant

    Tod – Is Nancy old enough to qualify for historic tax credits from the State Historic Preservation Office?

  9. So people CAN take a joke in town. Phew! Now THAT’S news! There is hope. HBD2U. =)

  10. Artie Kassimis

    I didn’t know you were also a comedian. Very funny. HAPPY BIRTHDAY NANCY!

  11. Piberman

    Mayor Rilling’s “greetings” were spot on. Norwalk really does need a Mayor with a good sense of humor. Kudos to all.

  12. Kathleen

    Happy Birthday, wonderful woman! We so appreciate you and your grit!

  13. Steve Mann

    Happy Birthday Nancy!! Cheers for the year!

  14. Paul Cantor

    Nancy had a birthday? Ha. Fake news. Nancy does not exist. She is a made-up story. No one can single-handedly write all the stuff she saposedly does. Not even me. And I am the most litarit smartest capable man that ever lived. Just ask Tiger who won the last time we played golf. Did Nancy report it.? No? And what about all them illegals? If it wasn’t for all them the walk bridge would be walkable by now. Did Nancy report it? No. That should tell you something. Happy birthday, Nancy.

    Donald Trump.

    P.S. Myška and Paul wish you happy birthday too.

    1. Thank you Paul, you made me laugh as did the fan who handed us this piece as a birthday gift. (No, Artie, I didn’t write it.)
      Thanks all for the birthday wishes!

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