Blame the Mayans – and my cold

By Nancy Guenther Chapman

Pardon me, I don’t have much to put up here at the moment. What with the end of the Mayan calendar today, I thought it wasn’t worth bothering – it was the end of the world!

At least it felt like it with all of the hacking and coughing and aching I have been doing this week.

So I put up a somewhat insane seven stories for Thursday morning, on the theory that the world was ending – no, that websites don’t get much traffic on Saturdays, so why hold them? Then I slept Friday. I’m still hacking but my sides don’t hurt as much.

So now it is time for the Twelve Days of Christmas. That means our adult son has 12 days off from work and we’ll get to see more of him! (He says 12 days off means he’ll finish the website. No promises, though.)

We also plan to go visit my mom for a few days. (I’m going to go through a few boxes, find that Mayan calendar and smash it.)

So, with little going on city-wise for a little bit anyway, this is going to be sporadic until after New Year’s Day. I plan to do something Christmas Eve (body willing) and I’ve got other things I’m working on. So check back in with me (Like me on Facebook or follow me on Twitter), but please don’t be disappointed if things are a bit light.

Happy Holidays.



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  1. Norwalk Spectator

    Nancy, Keep a sharp eye on that cold. You don’t want it to develop into pneumonia.

    Oh yeah, and have a Merry Christmas. I’ll be happy to gift wrap a box of Kleenex and a can of chicken noodle soup for you, if that helps!

  2. Diane C2

    Nancy, Mark and Eric,
    Wishing you a blessed Christmas and a healthy, happy and prosperous New Year!
    Nancy, take care of yourself and get better. Norwalk needs you!

  3. That’s very nice, both of you. Merry Christmas to all!

  4. David Watts

    Nancy, I hope you feel better. I am so proud of you and I look forward to 2013! Happy Holiday’s to you and Mark.


  5. Lisa Thomson

    Take care of yourself Nancy. Norwalk needs your reporting!
    Merry Christmas! Enjoy yourself.

  6. Suzanne

    Dear Nancy, I found you by Googling Diane Cece, a person I have been sort of “dancing” with in the comments section of The Hour. I appreciate the comprehensive and in-depth reporting you do on Norwalk development issues and education (the two things I read about in reviewing your site.) I knew The Hour just didn’t cut it but did not realize there was another resource in the blogosphere. I am now a convert and will be looking forward to your reporting in future. It is good, as a Norwalk resident, to get the true facts behind some of these issues that affect our community in a profound way. I even find the City Council sniping somewhat educational – after all, as a constitutent these are the people we have to work with. I hope you feel better soon and enjoy your son’s visit. It is a simultaneous pensive and grateful holiday this year, I find. May you enjoy complete peace and health!

    1. Diane C2

      Hi Suzanne! Diane here – nice to meet you – not sure if you post under your own name on Hour, but I’m glad to have the chance to shed some light on areas here and over there that Hour and other local media overlook, ignore, or censor. Nancy allows me to contribute commentary on occasion, so when I’m inspired to do research and share facts you can find me here. In addition to Oak Hills controversy, I’m watching Norwalk development (or lack thereof); the Norwalk Housing Authority; not-for-profits that owe millions to the taxpayers; commercialization of public land; Planning and Zoning issues; government fiscal responsibility; and above all, process and transparency.

      1. Hey Suzanne,
        Glad you found me! It’s good to know you found the site by Googling.
        Yes, check out Diane’s column. She’s posting under Diane C2. Hopefully the stories will be easier to find soon, when website design is done.
        I do feel better. Thanks.

      2. Suzanne

        Merry Christmas Diane C2 (and Nancy too!) I do not post under my name with The Hour. Public disclosure of my identity has been problematic in the past when I was involved in a re-zoning issue. It’s really strange how personal people can get about public interest issues. I prefer to “stick to the knitting” and let my words speak for themselves without the revelation of my person/personality getting into it.

        I was glad to see the “plug” on the Hour for this site. I think people will learn a lot more here about Norwalk government and public issues and for that I am grateful to Nancy’s acumen. My interests surprisingly parallel yours so I am sure we will “run into” each other in future. May you have the loveliest of holidays filled with peace and joy.

        1. Hey Suzanne,
          There was a plug on The Hour? Where do I find it?


  7. Tim T

    Merry Christmas to all and a safe and happy and PEACEFUL New Year ..

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