Blank: Norwalk Zoning Task Force hasn’t met yet

Zoning Commission Vice Chairman Adam Blank
Zoning Commission Vice Chairman Adam Blank, right, talks about his plans to lead zoning regulation reform in this file photo from a press conference held in October.

NORWALK, Conn. – An effort to reform Norwalk Zoning regulations has not yet lifted off the ground.

Zoning Commission Vice Chairman Adam Blank, an attorney and leader of the Zoning Task Force that was announced in early October, said two factors are at play here. One, he has an ongoing trial that he must attend to. Two, there’s concern about potential conflicts for four potential task force members that have not been sufficiently resolved yet.

It’s possible they might have business before the city, he said. He said one of the potential members is Rich Redniss of Redniss & Mead Inc. He declined to identify other potential members.

Redniss was recently hired by the Zoning Commission to help craft language to change parking regulations in Rowayton. He was involved in the construction of SoNo Ironworks and spoke at a December 2012 Zoning Commission hearing in support of moving some affordable housing units off the site.

Blank said Corporation Counsel Mario Coppola doesn’t feel that Redniss or the other three potential members would have a conflict but said he is waiting for a letter to that effect.

“Once that happens and my trial finishes then we can actually start making some progress,” Blank said.



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  1. John Hamlin

    This will never happen because the entrenched interests in Norwalk have a vested interest in it never happening. Only when we have charter reform and elect a completely different City Council can this happen in any meaningful way. Probably not in our lifetimes.

  2. Adam Blank

    Nancy – This article is accurate in that the task force has not yet met; however, I disagree with your headline: “Blank: No progress made yet on reforming Norwalk zoning regs”. I have not said that and I believe progress has been made on reforming the regulations.

    As I’ve mentioned previously on this site, over the past four months the Commission has changed regulations to increase height and density in portions of South Norwalk, to decrease parking requirements in our urban areas and moved toward a more uniform application of our workforce housing regulations. We have a proposed regulation that will make it easier for contractors to operate in smaller indoor facilities that will come up for a full Commission vote next week. We also have proposed regulations that have made it out of committee and will come to the full commission for a vote: (1) to make workforce housing 10% in all districts; (2) to require the workforce units to be located on-site (or developer may pay fee-in-lieu); and (3) to require notice be provided to neighbors when a residential CAM application is filed.

    1. @Adam
      I see your point. The headline has been changed.

  3. RU4REEL

    Until all the old guard has disappeared from the zoning commission nothing will change for real. So please just tell it like it is, the only reason this is being discussed is that moccia lost, and Santo lost some juice. Please stop blowing sunshine up everyone’s keister and make the necessary changes sans the rhetoric.

  4. Guardrail

    John Hamlin is so right. Vote against every single incumbent!

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