Blumenthal rails on rail regulators

By Christine Stuart

HARTFORD, Conn. – U.S. Sen. Richard Blumenthal said the testimony he heard Thursday from rail regulators like the Federal Railroad Administration and the NTSB was both “revealing and dramatic.”

On Thursday, Blumenthal chaired the first meeting of the Commerce Subcommittee on Surface Transportation to examine the current state of safety on the nation’s passenger and freight rail networks.

What did he learn?

He said like the financial services industry before 2008 at some point the railroads “captured” the regulators.

“Federal watchdogs have basically been asleep at the switch,” Blumenthal said Friday during a press conference at the Legislative Office Building. “They have been laggard in holding accountable railroads like Metro North.”

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3 responses to “Blumenthal rails on rail regulators”

  1. Piberman

    Fixing the railroad is like fixing the CT economy – politicians mostly pointing fingers at photo ops. All the Kings men and horses are unlikely to get the railroad working properly as long as it’s someone else’s problem.

  2. John Hamlin

    Blumenthal is a reactive incompetent. Where was he the past few years on this? In fact, what has he accomplished as a senator apart from voting the party line? Nothing as far as anyone can tell.

  3. spanner

    Sen. Richard Blumenthal hasn’t voted on the funding for the rail in Ct nor has he pointed the finger at those resposible.He wasn’t out for photo ops the other day during the wage increase frenzy yet he has done well to distance himself from his own party.

    No one seems to remember why the rails in Ct havn’t been updated or serviced propperly .The fact they have broken down is not a regulation problem its a State rep problem correct?

    In the four budget and spending package votes reviewed since 2010, the Bridgeport and Stamford delegations voted unanimously in favor of the raids and adjustments that reduced transfers to the Special Transportation Fund.

    State Sen. Bob Duff, D-Norwalk, who voted in favor of the budgets and adjustments that shifted transportation revenue for General Fund costs for all four votes, said the 2014-15 budget includes more money for Norwalk schools.

    Duff said the longtime advocacy of Fairfield County legislators more than a half decade ago resulted in the state finally investing more than $1 billion in the new fleet of M8 railcars for the New Haven Line.

    “I’ve supported money for new trains and worked hard on having stronger oversight to preserve those funds,” Duff said. “I think people need to look at an entire record of advocacy and not just a vote or two when these issues were not line items.”

    These new trains now have problems,while running for office you would think hearing some sort of defense on whats going on would be forthcoming.Recent pictures ops tells us Bob and others could care less whats going on for us who have to depend on the rail for school and work.

    It is Richards job to work in Washington something Jim has done very little of.Jim is busy passing the plate in Ct to even notice there is anything going on in Washington in regards to Ct. Sen. Blumenthal has broken out many times to come to our defense what have the others done for us all in Ct?

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