Board of Education takes steps toward superintendent contract extension

Norwalk Public Schools Superintendent Alexandra Estrella

At its June 4 meeting, the Norwalk Board of Education voted with six in favor and one abstaining to authorize the Board Chair to sign a contract extension with Superintendent Alexandra Estrella, once it’s finalized.

Estrella’s current contract began in 2023 and runs till 2026. Her current base salary is $296,123.85.

“This extension would add a year to the contract, making it three years again (2024-2027),” Emily Morgan, media relations specialist for the district, wrote in an email. 

The board followed the same process last year, adding a year to Estrella’s contract. Estrella joined the school district in 2020.

The contract extension comes after the school district faced a challenging budget cycle, during which it had to eliminate seven administrators, and cut funding to several programs and initiatives, including a program that aimed to give educators more planning time, to get under the budget cap set by the city. Estrella and members of the board called on parents and school community members to be more involved with the budget process next year and to advocate for more school funding. 


3 responses to “Board of Education takes steps toward superintendent contract extension”

  1. Tom Farrington

    I am confused. The Norwalk Public schools are failing. Students can’t read English (thanks Ted’s “Sanctuary State”). Test scores are dismal. And we are rewarding the person ultimately responsible???? Has there been improvement under her watch? In the real world, her salary would be slashed, she would receive an official warning if not fired. But apparently, Norwalk Board of ED has decided her failure deserves a reward. Her contract has 36 more months – would it not have been intelligent and responsible to wait a year or 2 and then reward success instead of failure.

  2. Danielle Ben David

    100% agree. I can think of many more negatives than positives when it comes to how this official has influenced the school systems.

  3. Drew turnbull

    Totally confused. Explain this to.me
    Im curious what towns with in a 75 mile radius from Nowalk pay for this role.


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