Bob Duff headed to Hartford for sixth term as Norwalk/Darien state senator

State Sen. Bob Duff (D-25) celebrates his re-election Tuesday night at the Hilton Garden Inn in Norwalk.
The results
The results

Updated, 6:37 a.m., comment from Pete Torrano.

NORWALK, Conn. – State Sen. Bob Duff (D-25) cruised to an easy victory over Republican challenger Bill Dunne Tuesday.

The Democratic Town Committee had Duff on top with 67.6 percent of the vote in its unofficial tally. Duff won in 2012 with 67.4 percent of the vote over Republican Jack Chiaramonte. In 2010, Duff beat Republican Artie Kassimiss with 64.4 percent of the vote.

This will be Duff’s sixth term in that State Senate. He is rumored to be a candidate for Majority Leader.

Duff said he is looking forward to returning to Hartford.

“I told people on the campaign trail that we’re working very hard to turn this state around, to bring jobs, more jobs to this state, to grow our economy, to fix our transportation system, to close our achievement gap and to bring more funding to our education system,” Duff said. “We cannot do that in a vacuum but we all have to work together. So I am just so thrilled and so happy to have that support from the people of my district and to have their support. It is an awesome responsibility. I am so honored to be your state senator.  It is something that I cherish each and every day. I continue to stand up for the people of Norwalk and Darien and this position really is a passion for me, something I continue to want to do each and every day.”

“I think Bill Dunne, in his first attempt at office, did a stellar job and the party could not be more proud of him,” Norwalk Republican Town Committee Chairman Pete Torrano said. “He brought forth some information, some facts, that were not widely known before and it wasn’t enough to sway the voters and that’s fine because that’s the choice of the voters.”


4 responses to “Bob Duff headed to Hartford for sixth term as Norwalk/Darien state senator”

  1. John Hamlin

    Congratulations to Bob Duff! He’s shown his enduring popularity, and if he takes on the job of majority leader he will have a huge challenge with the mess the state is in economically. The Democrats are clearly in charge for the next few years. Here’s hoping they take necessary action to fix things. (Remember, it’s the economy . . .)

  2. Two and Finished

    Detroit. That is the result of policies Duff believes in. This is our destiny as much as I hate to say it.

  3. Mr. Ludlow

    Unlike a lot of politicians, Bob Duff returns phone calls and tries to help his constituents. Good reasons to re-elect him.

    The Norwalk Republican Clique doesn’t get it- steady decline in votes for Duff’s opponents, no credible challenge to Perone, humiliated by the Karen Doyle Lyons victory and the same insiders are running the club. Can anyone explain why Republicans refuse to shake up their party chiefs?

  4. Gordon Tully

    NoN should look into the outrageous “mistake” made by The Hour. Pasted over Bob’s name on his ad at the top of the front page was a sticker advertising his opponent. Apparently this was the second “mistake” made by The Hour at Bob’s expense. I have a bridge to sell to anyone who thinks this was a mistake.

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