Bob Duff’s experience and community service serve Norwalk well

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Norwalk is an incredible community – a city that is so tight-knit and supportive that it feels like a small town.  Bob Duff reflects that in his efforts to serve and represent our community.  He is ever present, and always willing to help his neighbors resolve issues big or small.  Whenever his name comes up in conversation it is because he helped someone fix a problem.

As a member of the Board of Education, his support for Education in our city is paramount.  In the last few terms Bob has moved mountains to help improve outcomes for Norwalk students.  This session the General Assembly passed free community college for every high school graduate in Connecticut, allowing students to prepare for better paying jobs.  Norwalk received the second highest allotment of funds to help reopen our schools this fall, ensuring we could protect our students and staff from Covid-19.  He has shepherded funding for school construction, including a whopping 80 percent reimbursement rate for the new Norwalk High School.  In 2017, Bob was instrumental in adjusting the ECS grant formula, benefiting NPS greatly over ten years. 

Bob understands what is needed to lift families out of poverty and allow them to build generational wealth.  By phasing in a $15 minimum wage, we can ensure that people can afford to live and work in Connecticut.  Under Bob’s leadership the General Assembly also passed s comprehensive state FMLA law, allowing families to receive paid time off to care for a loved one who is ill.  Prior to this law only 17 percent of workers and 6 percent of low-wage workers in Connecticut – who are disproportionately women and people of color – had access to paid family leave through their employer.

The General Assembly has worked hard on matters of health care this session, capping the cost of insulin for diabetics and working on legislation to help the state lower the cost of other prescription drugs.  Our state government is an important backstop for health care for nutmeggers, in the event that the ACA should be struck down.  Should that come to pass, Connecticut could protect citizens with pre-existing conditions with state statute.

Bob Duff is not only kind, he is brave.  When something isn’t right, he calls it out politely.  He has not been afraid to take a stand on matters of equity.  The police accountability law passed in July is a good example.  By ensuring that police have quality training, civilian oversight and a duty to intervene in the event of excessive force, this law helps keep our citizens safe.  Bob isn’t afraid to call out people who use dog whistle language when they talk about our neighbors.

We need to really think about whether being a dedicated public servant with decades of training and experience is important.  Experience, relationships, knowledge and seniority are highly important in politics, in my experience.  Senator Duff is well placed as Senate Majority Leader to make good things happen for Norwalk and Connecticut – please join me in voting to reelect him so that he can stand up for us.


Barbara Meyer-Mitchell


Bryan Meek October 26, 2020 at 5:42 pm

Blind partisanship is why this state is circling the drain and about to take Norwalk down with it. And Route 15 still doesn’t connect to I95 in all directions, but at least Duff got us the rail yard for Danbury trains on our last 5 acres of near waterfront land. I could go on, but we know the real tale of the tape. Duff’s higher ambitions have been financed at our expense, about a a billion a year between Darien and Norwalk to fund the out of control cities Bob supports first.

John O'Neill October 26, 2020 at 8:13 pm

That is a tremendous piece. Well written, informative, emotional. Again, kudos on a fine piece. My only question: Is the Bob Duff that I know not the same Bob Duff you’re writing about. Maybe there are two Bob Duffs running this year.
The Bob Duff I know lied about his “intimidating” experience with the Norwalk Police Department at the height of the anti-police summer we just lived thru. I find inciting racial tensions at the expense of Norwalk PD in poor taste. I hope others feel the same.

The Bob Duff I know has led a Senate delegation that hasn’t truly balanced a budget in a very long time. But hey, why bother with minor details
The Bob Duff that I know killed the small package liquor stores in Norwalk while catering to big money box stores. While smiling all the way. But hey, there are those Amazon jobs created out there for $15/Hour to compensate for those unlucky store owners.
The Bob Duff that so successfully changed the ECS formula missed the fact that Norwalk’s ELL student population has dramatically increased over the last ten years. The state increases in that terrific amended bill don’t come close to covering needed resources. No problem, we’ll just redirect resources from other areas in the educational system.
The Bob Duff I know has forgotten to tell us that terrific bill to cap insulin costs didn’t change the actual cost for that insulin. The costs are now spread out to those of us who DON’T use insulin. A real leader would be getting a drug company to actual lower their price.
The Bob Duff that I know has pushed hard for electric generation thru windpower. I originally thought that was a good idea until I founds out the deal CT has cut for that power will increase our bills 20% or more. Wouldn’t it be nice to have a legislator who actually gave us the bad news before the bill shows up??
The Bob Duff that I know will swear to anyone that will listen that Dems have never raided the State Transportation fund. Only a complete moron would actually agree with that. If a bridge collapses Dems in Hartford will point fingers but they’ll have blood on their hands.
Don’t get me wrong – The Bob Duff I know did cut a deal to get 80% funding for new Norwalk High School. My question: When that deal costs Norwalk more than we bargained for will Bob resign. I think that’s a fair question. My concern is that 80% becomes 50% as has happened in other districts. A second concern would be school construction being much higher than anticipated. Will state cover 80% of overruns. Just a question from a simple minded voter who cares about buying dinner.
As I read this article it made your Bob Duff some type of Don Quixote character — That is certainly not the guy I know.

Paul Passarelli October 27, 2020 at 8:11 pm

My wife read the OP’s letter to us over dinner, and I swear I think my IQ dropped 40 points, while my blood pressure increased by a similar number! Cluelessness and blind partisanship tend to have that effect on me.

Fortunately both Bryan Meek and John O’Neill were ahead of me to comment on the story. Their keen observations helped me to reduce my BP and restore my IQ.

Politicians of Bob Duff’s party are one of the major contributing factors to your decision to sell our home of 50 years and seek greener (and redder) pastures in Florida.

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