BOE meeting canceled

Life continues in SoNo as the snow falls early Tuesday afternoon.

NORWALK, Conn. – Tuesday evening’s Norwalk Board of Education meeting was canceled due to the snow. BOE chairman Mike Lyons said he will work on rescheduling the meeting, which was to feature a presentation from Superintendent Manny Rivera on his current draft of the operational budget request.


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  1. EveT

    Does anyone know if the revaluation presentation scheduled for 6:30 in the Community Room is cancelled?

    1. Mark Chapman


      Checked about 5:20 p.m. and it was still on.

  2. More of the Same

    Ok. The hundreds of teachers who live out of town get a day off for a dusting, but the BOE who live in town are going to skip out too? Here is an idea, instead of wasting cash on calling all 6 phone numbers in my family with a reverse 911 for school closing, how about only calling one of our numbers. Take the savings and setup a moderated conference call and have a virtual meeting with webex. They are cheap and you can keep getting business done. This is coming from a system that needs to spend millions and millions on technology that isn’t going to help kids learn anymore than traditional textbooks. I know, I know. I should just shut up because its all for the kids, right?

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