Boost in Legal Aid funding sought

NEW HAVEN, Conn. – NEW HAVEN—Debbie Diaz was in tears in a New Haven courthouse when she learned she was being evicted because the apartment she rented was being foreclosed on by the bank.

That’s when she learned about New Haven Legal Assistance. She said they sent an attorney to meet her at the courthouse that same day and saved her and her children from being illegally evicted.

“They actually helped me. They saved me and my kids,” Diaz said Friday. “… If it wasn’t for legal aid me and my five children would be on the street.”

Diaz’s story is all too familiar to the attorneys who work for legal aid organizations in the state.

But Friday’s press conference on the second floor of the New Haven Legal Assistance building wasn’t about the people the organization has helped over the years, it was about its continued ability to help people like Debbie Diaz.

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