Boy Scouts clean up Oak Hills Park nature trail

Brien McMahon High school sophomore Bradley Carrano
Brien McMahon High school sophomore Bradley Carrano shows off some of his completed handiwork Saturday.

NORWALK, Conn. – It’s easy to find and follow the nature trails at Oak Hills Park now, thanks to the efforts of a group of Norwalk Boy Scouts.

Brien McMahon High school sophomore Bradley Carrano said 30 to 35 people helped clean up and demarcate the trail Saturday as part of his Eagle Scout project. The half-mile loop now ends behind the restaurant’s dumpster, which he said would be moved.  

Orange markings dot the nature trail at Oak Hills Park.

A sign has marked the beginning of the trail, off the restaurant’s parking lot, for months, but it was difficult to find an actual trail. Bradley and friends had already made that better with prominently placed orange markings. Now the trail is not only cleared but bordered in some places by logs.

Bradley and his friends are in Troop 2 in Rowayton. Adults also helped clean the trail. Bill Wrenn of the Friends of Oak Hills Park was on scene to make sure no environmental damage was done, he said.

Bradley said he used a computer application called All Trails to help figure out where the trail should go. It was “a lot of work,” he said. The crew was out there for nearly six hours.

Bradley’s dad, Anthony Carrano, said they also had used a leaf blower on the trail.

“My wife just walked it in flip flops – it’s that smooth,” he said.

Norwalk Oak Hills Eagle Scout 005-2014-06-14
Alberto Alamilla, 16, cuts down a stump Saturday at Oak Hills Park.


4 responses to “Boy Scouts clean up Oak Hills Park nature trail”

  1. EveT

    Wonderful! A win-win for the Boy Scouts and for those who love to walk in the woods!

  2. isabelle hargrove

    Congratulations Bradley, well done, as usual…. I look forward to walking your trail.

    However, I do find it ironic that it would take a scout to clear the trail given all the fuss made by the very vocal people who complain that the golf course is standing in the way of much needed nature’s trails… They don’t seem to use the trails that exist today or find the resources to make them passable, but yet they clamor for more. I wonder what would happen if they got their wish. Nothing I would bet, except overgrown land used by no one and for the taxpayers to deal with….

  3. Missy Conrad

    Actually, no person has to use that area. On our Earth, especially in this area, little good open space has been left to share with other living things. These woods are a home for them & a resting place for migratory birds. They clean the air we breathe. They hold water to mitigate flooding.
    Leaves lying on a path are good for when it is wet. They cushion the ground from being hard-packed/rather dead, too.
    It is good to know that this wonderful place exists! Let’s make it permanent open-space in Norwalk’s plan.

  4. Suzanne

    isabelle hargrove, there have been regularly scheduled walks at the Oak Park Nature area for a couple of years now, usually led by Bill Wrenn. They have been the opportunity to share in the natural setting that is so beautiful there. Considerable clearing was done by the Friends of Oak Hills prior to these great efforts by Mr. Carrano and friends and the youthful touch was needed for greater access: the labor was overwhelming and difficult (just ask the Boy Scouts!) Your criticism belies the earlier efforts and is inaccurate.

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