Brinton will fight for Norwalk, in Hartford

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This year’s local elections are taking place against the backdrop of an increasing push from the administration and legislative majority in Hartford to force more taxes, fees, and mandates onto municipalities and residents as the solution to Connecticut’s financial woes. Instead we should be looking for sustainable state government efficiencies, and policies that allow and encourage municipalities to make the local decisions that will best serve their residents. Correspondingly, local officials need to be active advocates for the interests of their constituents by questioning the decisions of people in Hartford who do not represent them.

Norwalkers deserve answers to many persistent questions, and Lisa Brinton has been asking them. For example, is there a more cost-efficient and workable alternative for the Walk Bridge? Why doesn’t Norwalk receive more equitable funding for its public schools? Why is state approval for the Columbus School land swap taking so much time? Can the state DOE help provide more resources for Norwalk’s ELL population? Why must the DOT complete so many construction projects in and around Norwalk at the same time?

One thing is certain: for these issues to be taken seriously in Hartford, Norwalk’s municipal leadership must demonstrate its concern and willingness to spearhead the kinds of inquiries and dialogue that will lead to the best solutions for Norwalk. Lisa is determined to do just that. We are confident that she will, because she has been doing this kind of work for years.

We feel strongly that Norwalk would benefit greatly from Lisa Brinton’s courage and determination in pushing back against Hartford’s heavy-handed governance, and we enthusiastically support her candidacy for Mayor.

State Representative Terrie Wood, 141st district
State Representative Gail Lavielle, 143rd district


5 responses to “Brinton will fight for Norwalk, in Hartford”

  1. Isabelle Hargrove

    For the many Norwalkers who have been so frustrated with the inaction and silence from city hall towards the State on a myriad of issues including the WALK bridge and our schools’ lack of funding, we are finally seeing a light at the end of the tunnel.

    Lisa Brinton understands that the mayor’s utmost responsibility is to fiercely advocate for Norwalk as well as play a leadership role on all major projects affecting Norwalk.

    While she has been mocked by the mayor and his chief of staff, seasoned legislators have just vindicated her and every resident whose frustrations were always dismissed.

    This letter is the kind of energy and strong advocacy for Norwalk that our great city deserves. Let’s unlock our potential, vote for Lisa Brinton!

  2. Barbara Meyer-Mitchell

    Where was Lisa Brinton when the ECS formula was redrafted? She didn’t go to Hartford to testify or meet with anyone. She sent one of the shortest written testimonies, with no supporting fact for her statements. Her claims that she will go to Hartford and fight for Norwalk seem great, but actions speak louder than words. When it was time to take action, she did not.

  3. Gareth Moody

    @Isabelle Hargrove “…seasoned legislators have just vindicated her and every resident whose frustrations were always dismissed.”

    How is political novice Lisa going to be more effective than these “seasoned legislators” in getting concessions from Hartford?

  4. Isabelle Hargrove

    @Gareth. You got it wrong. Lisa, according to these seasoned pros, will be more effective than our current mayor. He lacks conviction and is conflicted by his party allegiance. I believe the reps, now joined by Rep Simms and Mr. Dumas, are placing their confidence in the right candidate.

    The second thing you got wrong is that Lisa is a novice. She has a proven track record working on a bi-partisan basis. This is why she has the trust and confidence of both Republican and Democrat legislators as well as as many residents, hence her loyal following.

  5. TRS

    Current BOE members should not be on here ripping Lisa a new one. It’s very unprofessional. Stay in your lane and do something about all the ELL students who are going to cost our taxpayers millions.

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