Burden lifted from Norwalk housing residents’ shoulders

South Norwalk’s Washington Village was hit hard by Hurricane Sandy.

By Nancy Guenther Chapman

NORWALK, Conn. – The Norwalk Housing Authority has reversed a decision to require public housing residents to replace appliances that were destroyed by Hurricane Sandy.

NHA had sent a letter, signed by NHA Executive Director Curtis Law, to residents of Washington Village informing them that they needed to replace appliances that had been flooded by salt water during the storm. The letter said the rent for Washington Village residents was originally calculated with a deduction allowing for the expense of a stove and refrigerator and that there would be a Dec. 17 inspection to confirm that the apartments had safe appliances in them..

NHA Deputy Director Candace Mayer said last week that the authority had voted to replace the appliances. “There’s 34 apartments where we will be replacing the appliances,” she said.

Many residents had reached out to FEMA for help with replacing appliances, a FEMA representative said.

Skeptics of NHA plans to replace Washington Village felt that the request for residents to replace their own appliances showed that it would be tough for them to remain “in good standing” and move into the new development years from now.



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  1. Diane C2

    shame on the housing authority for providing no immediate assistance. only pubic exposure of their inaction can be credited with them taking any action.

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