Burnett elected Council President

A montage from Tuesday’s hybrid Common Council meeting on Zoom. Clockwise from upper left are Common Council President Greg Burnett (D-At Large), Council member Tom Livingston (D-District E), Council member Barbara Smyth (D-At Large) and Council Majority Leader Darlene Young (D-District B).

NORWALK, Conn. — Greg Burnett (D-At Large) was elected Common Council President in a unanimous vote Tuesday. Darlene Young (D-District B) was named Majority Leader and Bryan Meek (R-District D) was recognized as Minority Leader.

“As we prepare for the challenges that lay ahead of us and 2023, I’m hopeful and eagerly anticipating our planning for success, improvements and transformative impact that are on the horizon for our great city,” Burnett said. “I’m looking forward to joining forces and collaborating with each member of the Common Council, the mayor’s office and staff, and the Board of Education to enhance our joint concerted efforts, as we strive to continue to make Norwalk a safe, great community to live, work, and enjoy life for all residents.”

Burnett takes the helm from Tom Livingston (D-District E) and Young replaces Barbara Smyth (D-At Large). Livingston and Smyth served in their roles one year.

Burnett sought to be President last year but lost to Livingston in an 8-7 vote.

Young nominated him. After the vote, she said she was happy to be first to call him “President.”

“It’s not an easy job to step up and want to be to take on this role in leadership, it’s not easy to step up and say you want to be a Council member,” Young said. “… We do it together, as best we can, and try to steer the ship in the right direction for the city. I am just honored to be a part of this process.”

Meek is the lone Council Republican, appointed in June to replace Tom Keegan. He had no comment.

Burnett has been an At Large Council member since first winning election in November 2017, and Finance Committee Chairman all that time. He served on the Norwalk Board of Estimate and Taxation for four years before running for office.

Young was appointed to represent District B in December 2018 and has won election twice since then. She is Recreation and Parks Committee Chairwoman.

Absent from the meeting were Council members Heidi Alterman (D-District D), Dominique Johnson (D-At Large) and Josh Goldstein (D-At Large).


Johnny cardamone November 23, 2022 at 10:13 am

I still don’t understand the democratic monopoly!?😩 I guess the Democrats have a better oiled machine machine🦔🥵 happy🦃thanksgiving

Sherelle Harris November 23, 2022 at 11:23 am

Congratulations to all. I work closely with Greg and Darlene in the community. I know their hearts and have always appreciated their support. They are both very smart and have great integrity. They work very hard for the City of Norwalk. I worked with Brian my first term on the Board of Education. He is great with finance, as is Greg, and, in agreement or disagreement, we had respect across party lines.

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