Businesses may not survive another shut down

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We are in unprecedented times with regard to the COVID virus and the toll it is taking on the health of our community. All of us for the last six months have been trying to do all we can to keep ourselves and our families, especially the elderly, safe from the virus. It is our first and foremost concern.

But what also is a concern is the health of small businesses in our community which have been hit so hard by the virus and the restrictions put on us in the states effort to mitigate wherever it can.

As a single restaurant owner we understand the concerns since not only do we have a business to protect but also and more importantly the health of our staff and their families and friends. All of us in the service industry have gone to great lengths to make our clientele feel as safe as we can by instituting all the protection that we can with reduced capacity, installing outdoor facilities, insuring mask wear on staff and clients, obsessive cleaning of our facility and reducing hours of operation. What has been made clear to us by the public is if they are not comfortable with our efforts they will not come.

With this new surge all are looking to where the increase is coming from; private gatherings, travel, stores, schools and restaurants are all part of the equation but no one is sure. While we in the restaurant industry stand ready to do whatever else we can do to insure safety we strongly ask that the burden we carry is not made harder by shutting us down again. Those of us who have made it this far and employ so many will have a hard time surviving should this happen.

We understand the greater problem and we respect what Governor Lamont and Mayor Rilling are facing but what is not clear is by hitting our industry with a shut down will in any way stop the larger spread that is taking place in our community.

Andy Glazer
Tavern at Graybarns

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