Cablevision to give refund following Sunday’s outage

NORWALK, Conn. – Cablevision Systems Corporation said Wednesday it will be offering its customers an automatic $8 refund for a loss of service Norwalk and Darien customers experienced Sunday night.

The outage lasted approximately four hours and affected tens of thousands of customers in Fairfield County, according to a press release from state Sen. Bob Duff (D-Norwalk). Duff said he received hundreds of inquires through social media services about the outage and when it might be resolved.

“Losing television and Internet service can be a real disruption in our modern world, so I understand everyone’s frustration,” he said.

“I thank Cablevision for offering their affected customers this refund following this outage,” Duff said. “It is the right thing to do, and is not only fair but I expect will go a long way with their customers as well. State law only requires that customers be provided with a refund following outages of over 24 hours upon request, not automatically, so the proactive decision to offer this automatic refund today really sets the right tone.”

While current state law requires that telecommunications companies provide a pro-rated refund to customers upon request for service outages lasting over 24 hours, Cablevision’s internal policy provides for a pro-rated refund upon customer request for outages more than three hours, the release said.

Cablevision customers who experienced a service outage on Sunday can expect an automatic refund in a future monthly bill. Those who experienced an outage but do not see a refund in the next two months may contact Cablevision customer service at (203) 847-6666.



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  1. John

    I was advised the credit would range based on service you subscribe to for the day of loss services.

  2. spanner

    I wish Mr Duff would of been more specific on how much work the city departments had to do responding to alarms and when the service went out and then when it came back on.In some cases a refund is not better than a fine maybe a fine would of made the company more sesnitive to better equipmwent or a backup systems in place.Wasn’t parts of NY effected as well?

    The outage lasted approximately four hours and affected tens of thousands of customers.This was wrong it was two days in some cases just to get the phone to ring at cable in some areas,others were without much longer than the four hours,the media reported some of those longer outages.

    No fault of Mr Duffs if he was told and didn’t have the resouces to verify the extent and nature of the problem.Cable doesn’t need a spokesperson the Dolans are capable of telling us themselves what the deal was and what went wrong.This just feels like the facts were sidelined by using our great rep in the Ct State house to redirect assurances this can’t happen again. With winter around the corner and this did happen during calm seas and nice weather are we to understand it was isolated a word that hadn’t been used in all.Refunds are great the truth and facts in this case seems to be priceless.

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