Cafero asked for Aid-in-Dying display to be removed

By Christine Stuart

HARTFORD, Conn. – House Minority Leader Lawrence Cafero (R-Norwalk) said he was shocked last week to see a display that was advocating in favor of a piece of legislation in the concourse between the Legislative Office Building and the state Capitol.

Cafero took his complaint about the portrait display to Legislative Management, which agreed to take it down.

“It was like a paid ad on state property,” Cafero said Monday of the aid-in-dying portrait display removed last week.

The portrait display by the group Compassion and Choices was removed a week before it was scheduled to come down.

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2 responses to “Cafero asked for Aid-in-Dying display to be removed”

  1. Mike Mushak

    Aid-in-dying is all about compassion, and the right of individuals to make their own decisions in situations where medical intervention to prolong life may be cruel and not desired. In other words, freedom of choice for the most basic right one has to choose to needlessly suffer or let go with dignity. Or in Catholic terms that Cafero might understand, following the will of God instead of the will of doctors in white coats. That is why over 70% of Americans support the concept.
    Why in God’s name would Cafero be against this? As far as the display goes, much ado about nothing. Please find something more important to complain about!

  2. Oldtimer

    Does the term “political theater” sound familiar ? Cafero has made the judgment that complaining about this exhibit will curry favor with the people he thinks support him. He very carefully framed his objection, not on Aid-in-dying, but on the placement of an advocacy advertisement, leaving him plenty of wiggle room to decide to oppose or support the proposed legislation at a later time. Cafero is an expert at getting publicity that he can later use to support whatever position he thinks will get more votes.

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