Cafero gives valedictory speech, receives praise for leadership style

HARTFORD, Conn. – The House spent 90 minutes Wednesday bidding farewell to House Minority Leader Lawrence Cafero, who announced that after 22 years in the General Assembly he won’t be seeking re-election.

“This is one of the last places where your word must be your bond,” Cafero said in his valedictory speech to the chamber.

It was just one of the observations the 56-year-old Norwalk attorney made. A member of the minority party his entire 22 years in the General Assembly, Cafero learned to have a good sense of humor, but he also learned to use the power of the minority.

“Sometimes I drove you guys nuts,” Cafero said gesturing toward the Democratic side of the House chamber. “I never meant to. It was never personal.”

He went on to explain that “we all have principles. We’re all true to them. That doesn’t mean we can’t compromise.”

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