Cafero: I have no intentions of running for mayor

State Rep. Larry Cafero (R-137).
State Rep. Larry Cafero (R-137)

NORWALK, Conn. – Longtime Republican Norwalk politician Larry Cafero has heard the rumors about a potential run for mayor next time around, after he has left the state House of Representatives, but said recently he’s not heading in that direction.

“I’m not even out of this job yet,” said Cafero, who is retiring after 22 years as a state legislator. “I don’t get out ’til January. Can I just take it easy for a while? But I have no intentions of that,” he said of a mayoral run.

Cafero, who has been House minority leader since 2007, said he wants to go out on top.

“You can stay there forever, but when you’re leader of a caucus, for the good of the caucus or for the good of yourself, for the energy or whatever, a leader in my opinion – I think that’s why they have four-year terms for president or whatever. Six years is perfect. Eight years, you’re pushing it,” he said. “When you’re an actual leader, whether it’s a city, whether it’s a political organization, in my opinion, or a corporate organization, you get beyond that eight-year mark, you don’t feel it in the belly.  I didn’t want to get to that point. I wanted to leave on top.”

Baseball great Willie Mays stayed in the game too long, dropping a fly ball in the World Series, he said. “I don’t want to be that guy,” he said.

Cafero was on the Board of Education for six years and left his post as chairman when he was elected to represent the 142nd House District in 1992. That makes him the longest-serving Norwalker to be in the legislature, he said.

He is an attorney and partner of Brown, Rudnick, Berlack, Israels, LLP.

Being a legislator is a part-time job, and he never stopped being an attorney, he said.

“I’m going to do that for a while, see what life brings,” he said. “It’s been a long time; 28 years is a long time.”


8 responses to “Cafero: I have no intentions of running for mayor”

  1. Lifelong Teacher

    Wahoo Larry! Going out on top of your game. Enjoy your health and your lovely family. I admire you and am doing the same.

  2. michael foley

    Thank you Larry for your service To Norwalk and the State also !

  3. piberman

    Larry Cafero has been Norwalk’s leading political figure for several decades embodying all the characteristics and abilities we associate with real admired leaders. Surely he knows that Norwalk is a troubled city with stagnant incomes and property values undergoing unprecedented demographic change in contrast to the vitality of our neighbors and Stamford. Surely he knows that the essential ingredient to revitalizing a city like Norwalk is a leader who encourages our most capable citizens of all parties and independents to participate and galvanize the public to seek better governance. Surely he knows that a revitalized Republican Party is needed to revitalize our Norwalk and control our finances. The “smart money” is betting that our most admired political figure of recent decades will answer yet another call to genuine “public service”. That’s what genuine “public servants” do – they continue to serve.

  4. Taxpayer Fatigue

    Isn’t Cafero representing General Growth Capital, the company who wants to build the mall in Norwalk at the 95/7 site? He represented Lowes. If he was mayor his firm would lose a lot of business as he would have a conflict of interest on all these developer projects.

  5. John Hamlin

    Let’s hope he stays involved so we all benefit from his experience.

  6. Carol

    thank you Larry for all you have done.
    as for mayor,you would be the best thing to happen to norwalk

  7. Oldtimer

    Did professor Berman ever do any “public service” or has he always been an advisor from the sidelines, with a single message ?

  8. piberman

    Old Timer:
    Here’s the short list.
    Member of the state’s first and only blue ribbon commission crested by the Legislature. Called the CT Business Opportunity Commission, Defense Diversification and Industrial Policy. Held over 200 hearings in a 2 year period in the early 1980’s. Served as advisor to the Legislature’s Commerce and Exports Committee for a number of years. Made dozens of presentations before the Legislature. Consultant to CPEC – CT Policy and Economic Committee and author of CT’s only comprehensive study of our 169 town budgets, testimonies before the US Congress, various Federal agencies and government bodies abroad, several hundred OpEds in CT’s major newspapers in public policy issues, Senior Advisor for Public Policy in John Rowland’s Gubinatorial campaign, expert financial witness in various courts in CT, NY and Calif. Plus a long list of professional publications on policy and finance including several books.

    By the way I became a Finance Prof. when I retired. Previously I held a variety of senior financial positions in world class firms both in the US and abroad including Wall Street. As well as several stints with the Fed. And an earlier career in the defense industry managing a major installation making hi-tech equipment for the US Navy.

    I started out as a lumber stevedore on the Brooklyn docks working at $1.35 hour union wage.

    Aren’t you glad you asked ?

    Norwalk was once one of the best governed towns in CT. All it takes is a real good newspaper and interested citizens keeping our public servants on their toes.

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