Call center operations modified after potential security breach

Jason Madrak, chief marketing officer of Access Health CT (Christine Stuart photo)
Jason Madrak, chief marketing officer of Access Health CT (Christine Stuart photo)

HARTFORD, Conn. – Dry erase boards will begin to replace paper at the Access Health CT call center to reduce the chance an employee will leave the office with customers’ personal information.

Eilene Baylinson of Maximus Health Services, the company which manages the call center on behalf of Access Health CT, said last week’s incident prompted them to speed up the process of moving toward a paperless office.

“We are moving toward a completely paperless policy,” Baylinson said Monday at a press conference.

Hartford Police detectives are investigating the incident in which an employee of the Access Health CT call center left a backpack containing the names, birth dates, and Social Security numbers of hundreds of Access Health CT customers near some chairs outside New York Deli & More on Trumbull Street last week.

It’s unclear if the backpack was left overnight, but a deli employee said they did not bring the backpack inside the store when they brought the table and chairs in from outside last Thursday. Alex Elad, an employee at the deli, said Monday that a white man around the age of 55 inquired about the backpack and said he would help get it back to its owner.

Somehow the backpack made it to the office of Rep. Jay Case, R-Winsted. A Republican staff member called Access Health CT and Peter Van Loon, the chief operating officer, walked over to the Legislative Office Building Friday to retrieve it.

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  1. Non partisan

    I guess access health management were looking out their luxury waterfront office windows at the beautiful view on holly pond instead of managinging their employees.

  2. One and Done.

    Because no one could possibly sneak in a jump drive or figure out how to hack the systems from the inside. I thought incompetence was just a by product of a zero accountability job, now I understand it is a requirement.

  3. EveT

    Forget sneaking in a jump drive, just take photos of the screen with your cell phone. The idea that ordinary citizens have any privacy is just an illusion.

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