Can you still bank on a $55 tax refund?

HARTFORD, Conn. – Gov. Dannel P. Malloy was non-committal Friday about how hard he would fight to keep surplus spending from this year focused on the priorities he outlined in his budget proposal.

On Thursday the Appropriations Committee passed a budget that took about $64 million from this year’s $504.6 million surplus to help balance the 2015 budget. Malloy had proposed using $250 million to bolster the Rainy Day Fund, make an additional $100 million payment to the state’s pension fund, and give taxpayers back $155 million through a refund program.

Under Malloy’s budget proposal an estimated 2.7 million residents would receive a $55 tax refund sometime in September. It will cost the state about $1.7 million to send out the checks, according to Office of Policy and Management Secretary Ben Barnes.

So how hard will Malloy fight to make sure the tax refund for individuals remains as part of the budget?

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