2019 Election

  • Inquiry on campaign complaint nets ‘stupid back and forth’

    NORWALK, Conn. – On Nov. 6, the day after the City’s last election, leading Norwalk Democrat Ed Camacho dropped the complaint he’d filed on Lisa Brinton’s Mayoral campaign, alleging violation of campaign finance laws. Brinton said Sunday that the complaint had been a “witch hunt” from a campaign that was afraid of her grassroots effort.…

  • Flynn’s multiple complaints to State net one hit, slightly off target

    NORWALK, Conn. — South Norwalk activist John Flynn, endorsed by Norwalk Republicans recently as a State Representative candidate, has made multiple allegations of electoral improprieties by opponents. NancyOnNorwalk asked the State Elections Enforcement Commission (SEEC) about his recent claims and learned: State denies Flynn ever made a complaint about election funding Simms found to have…

  • 12 Days of Photos: November 2019

    NORWALK, Conn. – For this year’s holiday season, we thought we’d do a retrospective via photographs. Here are shots taken in November, mostly from Election Day.

  • Rilling begins fourth two-year term

    Correction, 2:37 p.m.: Rick McQuaid is beginning a fifth term.  NORWALK, Conn. — Mayor Harry Rilling and Town Clerk Rick McQuaid were sworn in together, Tuesday in City Hall. “Six years ago, we started this journey together. And there were some pretty choppy waters that we had to navigate, but we got through. And I think…

  • Final results of Norwalk election show Rilling won with 55.5% of the vote

    NORWALK, Conn. – Predictions of a close Mayoral election have fallen short: Mayor Harry Rilling won victory with 55.48 percent of the vote. The final results are 8,782 votes for Rilling and 7,047 votes for Republican-endorsed-but-unaffiliated challenger Lisa Brinton, Norwalk Democratic Registrar Stuart Wells said Tuesday. Brinton and Republican supporter Isabelle Hargrove paint this as…

  • Norwalk Republicans consider ‘tough times’

    NORWALK, Conn. – Among Norwalk’s beleaguered Republicans, struggling to come to terms with an election in which they were all but shut out, there seems to be widespread agreement: Happy Days Aren’t Here Again. Beyond that, perspectives vary. Republican Town Committee Chairman Mark Suda thinks the tide will change; former RTC Chairman Victor Cavallo, who…

  • Norwalk election notes: Waiting for results

    Updated, 4:14 p.m.: More information. NORWALK, Conn. — Some Norwalk electoral numbers for you: Glitch holds up final election results Smyth did get a lot of votes – but not that many A little-known victory

  • CT municipal elections turned on scandals, local issues

    Unlike others who went to the polls Tuesday across the nation, Connecticut voters did not send a clear message in yesterday’s municipal elections. Both state Democratic and Republican parties flipped seats and claimed victories. But Connecticut voters largely seemed motivated by local issues — and the efforts of individual campaigns — than by anything else.

  • Norwalk election roundup: Brinton concedes; constable consternation and BoE ‘quality’

    Norwalk election roundup: Brinton concedes; constable consternation and BoE ‘quality’

    Updated, 12:32 p.m.: Romano concedes; Absentee ballots counted; Nov. 8, photo added.  NORWALK, Conn. — Norwalk election notes: Brinton accepts defeat; absentee ballots have been counted City-wide recount avoided Thoughts on the BoE turnover

  • Meek seeks to oust Norwalk Republican Registrar

    Meek seeks to oust Norwalk Republican Registrar

    Updated, 3:45 p.m.: Comments from Bryan Meek. NORWALK, Conn. — Republican Registrar Karen Doyle Lyons is again under fire from within. “I’m very sad to report that we might have won the mayor’s seat without our very own ROV {Registrar of Voters} actively campaigning against us and I can not forgive this.  EVER.  This can not…

  • Open letter to the Third Taxing District: The privilege of serving

    As the dust settles from this year’s municipal elections, I wanted to take a moment and offer my thanks to the residents and business owners of the Third Taxing District. Six years ago, you took a chance on a new-comer to Norwalk; and entrusted me with your municipal electric utility and district-owned community assets —…

  • Rilling wins reelection; Democrats crush Republicans again

    (Updated, 4:40 a.m.: Complete story.) NORWALK, Conn. — Mayor Harry Rilling has defeated Republican-endorsed challenger Lisa Brinton and won reelection for a fourth term. Rilling will again be supported by a 14-1 Democratic Common Council. The Board of Education will be entirely comprised of Democrats, and feature six women on the nine-member panel. Tom Keegan…

  • 2019: Getting out the vote

      Editor’s note: This story also includes a list of the candidates and other information. Updated at 1:50 p.m., current turnout numbers.  NORWALK, Conn. — Norwalk’s voter turnout is higher this year than it was in 2017, as of noon. Norwalk Democratic Registrar Stuart Wells reports that 6,218 people had voted citywide, as compared to 5,845…

  • A Norwalk photo #28

    NORWALK, Conn. — A list of candidate questions prepared by Chapman Hyperlocal Media Inc. Board member John Levin. NancyOnNorwalk doesn’t know why he didn’t speak up and ask them at the recent League of Women Voters candidate forum and regrets the error.

  • Rilling endorsement; a BoE policy and a ‘jobs report’

    NORWALK, Conn. – Some Norwalk electoral news for you: Rilling announces endorsement by Murphy, Blumenthal, Himes and Tong No, Barbis cannot be removed from the BoE, state official says The Norwalk Chamber’s jobs report

  • Norwalk BoE & Mayoral candidates CONECT with racial, gun issues

    NORWALK, Conn. – From racial disparities to religious accommodations, Norwalk Board of Education candidates have been put on the record with their responses to questions asked by a community action group of united religious congregations. Mayoral candidates were queried on firearms, religious security and immigration issues by CONECT (Congregations Organized for a New Connecticut). Videos…