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Knopp paints portrait of ‘partisan gerrymandering’

NORWALK, Conn. – Norwalk has been victimized for two decades, “chopped up left and right” in violation of the... (Read more)

2 / 18 / 2020


Norwalk Dem statehouse crew fields questions ahead of legislative session

NORWALK, Conn. — There was a hot topic at Monday’s Democratic legislative town hall forum – school vaccinations. State... (Read more)

1 / 28 / 2020


Unaccompanied minors are moving to Connecticut in record numbers

For several long hours, Francisco, then 15, sat on the bank of the Rio Grande River in Mexico trying... (Read more)

1 / 26 / 2020


New laws affect parking, dry cleaning, eye doctor visits

More than two dozen new state laws went into effect on Jan. 1, ranging from expanded health insurance coverage... (Read more)

1 / 26 / 2020


Duff, at Freethinkers’ soiree, predicts legislative actions

NORWALK, Conn. — Connecticut Senate Majority Leader Bob Duff (D-25) put forth various topics apropos to the state’s upcoming... (Read more)

1 / 17 / 2020


Connecticut plans 5G for New Haven line

NORWALK, Conn. — Metro North’s New Haven line is set for an internet upgrade thanks to a public private... (Read more)

1 / 7 / 2020


Norwalk political notes: Noise ordinance, Barbis/King and Himes

NORWALK, Conn. – Some Norwalk political notes: Noise ordinance nears finish line Solar power tax exemption heading to Council... (Read more)

12 / 20 / 2019


Separated by Design: The pain of affordable housing in crime-ridden neighborhoods

(CTMirror.org) HARTFORD, Conn. — The moon pulls 6-year-old Romeo Lugo to the window at night. The autistic child loves... (Read more)

12 / 1 / 2019


Partisan politics or efficiency? Lamont’s plans for school building program sparks debate

A plan from Gov. Ned Lamont’s administration to shift oversight of the municipal school construction process into the governor’s... (Read more)

11 / 23 / 2019


Senate GOP’s no-tolls alternative relies on rainy day fund

The Senate Republican minority on Thursday proposed using budget reserves in a complex and creative way to finance an... (Read more)

11 / 14 / 2019


Here are the bridges to be rebuilt by tolls, and the cost to cross them

These are the 14 bridges that would be rebuilt or improved with money raised by tolls under Gov. Ned... (Read more)

11 / 9 / 2019


CT municipal elections turned on scandals, local issues

Unlike others who went to the polls Tuesday across the nation, Connecticut voters did not send a clear message... (Read more)

11 / 8 / 2019


Lamont’s vision for transportation — and how he’ll sell it

This story was published Wednesday on CTMirror.org. CT2030 is online.   A $21 billion transportation plan Gov. Ned Lamont... (Read more)

11 / 7 / 2019


Among Connecticut cities and towns, the wealthiest are the big spenders

This is the second article in an occasional series exploring wealth and income inequality in Connecticut and its impact... (Read more)

10 / 5 / 2019


Judge tosses suit by CT, other ‘blue states,’ that challenged SALT cap

Washington – A federal court on Monday dismissed a lawsuit by Connecticut and three other high-income states seeking to... (Read more)

9 / 30 / 2019


Westport seeks to fire lawyer who fought housing discrimination

This article was produced through a partnership between ProPublica and the Connecticut Mirror, which is a member of the ProPublica Local... (Read more)

9 / 28 / 2019


Five things to know about the rise in vaping illnesses

A surge of vaping-related illnesses has sent hundreds of people to hospitals across the country and resulted in eight... (Read more)

9 / 24 / 2019


On transportation, a moment of bipartisanship

NEWINGTON, Conn. — Democratic and Republican legislative leaders were upbeat Friday after a briefing by U.S. transportation officials about... (Read more)

9 / 21 / 2019


Lamont administration limits tax hike on prepared meals

Gov. Ned Lamont’s administration unveiled  tax guidelines late Thursday that narrowed the Department of Revenue Service’s original interpretation of... (Read more)

9 / 20 / 2019


Lamont: Prepared food tax hike will be narrowed in scope

Gov. Ned Lamont announced Tuesday he expects the new sales tax surcharge on prepared foods will be scaled back... (Read more)

9 / 19 / 2019


Three words: Big argument on what they mean

Republicans and Democrats dug in Wednesday on whether Connecticut law clearly defines what is a meal subject to the... (Read more)

9 / 19 / 2019


Senate Dems say tax officials inflated prepared foods levy

Senate Democrats backed away Monday from the new sales tax surcharge on prepared foods, saying Gov. Ned Lamont’s administration... (Read more)

9 / 18 / 2019


Prepared food tax will hit consumers harder than lawmakers thought

A controversial tax hike on prepared foods will hit Connecticut shoppers much harder than legislators thought, raking in $158... (Read more)

9 / 14 / 2019


Small gains on state test, but troubling achievement gap persists

A slightly greater percentage of  Connecticut students performed at grade level on this year’s state standardized test, with the... (Read more)

9 / 11 / 2019


2018-19 SBAC test results released

State test results for the Smarter Balanced Assessment Consortium were released Monday, according to the CTMirror.org. Above is the... (Read more)

9 / 10 / 2019


Religious exemptions to vaccines rose by 25 percent in one year

The number of students claiming the religious exemption to mandatory vaccinations in Connecticut rose by 25% between the 2017-18... (Read more)

8 / 30 / 2019


CT offers limited protections if ACA is tossed

If the Affordable Care Act is abolished as the result of a legal battle over the health care law,... (Read more)

8 / 23 / 2019


SAT results: At least one-third of CT juniors unready for college or job

One-third of high school juniors are not reading and writing well enough to begin taking college courses or start... (Read more)

8 / 6 / 2019


Norwalk man hopes to start bar association for formerly incarcerated lawyers

Dieter Tejada was only 19 years old when he was incarcerated at Bridgeport Correctional Center, but it didn’t take... (Read more)

8 / 5 / 2019


Lamont, political leaders tout support for immigrants and refugees

BRIDGEPORT, Conn. – As federal authorities prepared to deport thousands of migrant families from cities across the U.S., Connecticut leaders gathered in... (Read more)

7 / 13 / 2019