CCJEF challenging Jepsen’s argument to Supreme Court

NORWALK, Conn. — The Connecticut Coalition for Justice in Educational Funding (CCJEF) has its own argument for the Connecticut Supreme Court.

“It would not be in the public interest or judicially efficient” for the Supreme Court to review the ruling issued by Connecticut Superior Court Judge Thomas Moukawsher before the state legislature comes up with recommendations to fix the state’s educational cost system, CCJEF argues, in opposition to Attorney George Jepsen’s appeal of Moukawsher’s decision.

Moukawsher gave the legislature 180 days to come up with proposals to fix a system he called “irrational.”

Jepsen asked the Supreme Court for a stay of Moukawsher’s ruling on Thursday. CCJEF filed the opposition paper Monday afternoon.

The hearing in Moukawsher’s court took 60 court days, with 2000 fact admissions, CCJEF wrote.

“This case of enormous importance about a fundamental right has been pending more than a decade, as the conditions in Connecticut’s schools continue to impact thousands of students’ future,” CCJEF wrote.

The “voluminous and complex record” that lead to Moukawsher’s ruling is fresh on everyone’s minds and if the Supreme Court grants a stay there will be a substantial delay “to the clear detriment of students who would be the beneficiaries of whatever rulings and remedies the courts find appropriate,” CCJEF wrote.

Jepsen’s appeal “effectively seeks to re-open the attack on justiciability that was addressed and rejected” by the Supreme Court in 2010, CCJEF wrote.

CCJEF also requests that the Supreme Court review Moukawsher’s decision regarding Constitutionality, arguing that years could be lost if Jepsen’s claim of a Constitutional violation were not looked at in context.

CCJEF-2016 09 19 Response to Application for Certification


  1. Piberman

    With both political parties and the Governor objecting the Judge’s unusually lengthy decision and the full resources available by the State it’s clear judicial intervention in ECS funding will be years in the making. But that doesn’t prevent the CT Legislature controlled by Democrats from moving forward independently to reasonably resolve the ECS funding problem. After all it’s been a source of anguish for several decades. Would full time properly salaried Legisaltors with substantive staffs do better ? The unresolved ECS funding together with perpetual budget deficits, welfare cities and an exodus of jobs firms and people CT appears a failing state.
    Is that what its citizens really desire ? Or do we need more capable elected Legislators ?
    Especially ones with a full time commitment and appropriately compensated to do the “p;eople’s business”.

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