Celebrating a community member’s service and accomplishments


We are celebrating 25 years of professional writing for one of our own.  The writer who’s not interested in being named epitomizes, in a quiet way, community service.  She is there for everyone without her having to be asked.  Whether it is mentoring with tough love or supporting with a guiding touch.  We want her to know how much we love and appreciate her service and her writing.

The coronavirus pandemic prevents us from showing the love and appreciation the way we want, so we are showing her how much we care this way.  Though she doesn’t care to be named, she did allow us to share one of the first poems that she published professionally in an established literary magazine.  Before that publication, she was published in other genres too.  National poetry month is behind us, but she finally agreed to release the poem.

We congratulate her and we wish her the best!

Travis Simms, State Representative

Ernie Dumas, Councilman

Darlene Young, Council Woman

Mary Mann, Norwalk Public Library Board Member

Jannie Williams, Norwalk Public Library Board Member


Nancy Meany June 15, 2020 at 10:41 pm

Thank you all for recognizing this dedicated public servant and accomplished writer. Adding my congratulations and appreciation for her beautiful heart!!

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