Celebrating Darwin Day

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How fortunate we are in Connecticut to have leaders like Rep. Jim Himes and Sen. Dick Blumenthal who show a passionate and unbridled commitment to using science as a tool for developing effective government policy, and who again have introduced Darwin Day Resolutions into the U.S. House of Representatives and U.S. Senate.  Our friends at the Freedom From Religion Foundation asks that we contact our legislators to urge their support. I propose that you use their form to send a message of acknowledgement and appreciation for their roles introducing these symbolic, yet important, resolutions.

And don’t forget, our 11th Annual Darwin Day Dinner celebration is this Saturday, Feb 16, in Stamford.  (see www.DarwinDayCT.org).  Science fun!


John Levin


Levin is a member of the Chapman Hyperlocal Media, Inc. Board of Directors, and a mensch.


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