Change is coming to Norwalk

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Some elections are meant to be transformative. They usher in a new era, new leadership style, new ways to get it done and break old paradigms. This is how this election feels. While the establishment doubles down on the same guy, people around town are energized by the prospect of change.

It is time to pass the baton to the next generation and the opposite sex. It is time for a transparent and inclusive leader with energy and vision. It is time for a professional molded by an international career and problem-solving advocacy instead of a respectable but unimaginative public servant hometown life.

Mayor Rilling has benefited from governing during a period of economic growth, where a lack of stringent fiscal and operational management can easily be absorbed. A time where opportunities abound so squandering many and prioritizing the wrong ones wound a city but don’t kill it. But times will not always be so kind.

In this era of rapid evolution, Norwalk will continue to rapidly change, and we need to change the way we govern and manage our city accordingly. Lisa Brinton has the potential to be the transformative leader Norwalk needs.

As an outsider to party politics, Brinton will be free to create alliances for the good of Norwalk, not party. As a successful professional, she understands the importance of harvesting competing point of views and expertise. She will not be intimidated by multi-national entities when negotiating on our behalf. She will not be afraid to take on the state to secure funding or review major projects impacting Norwalk. Finally, she will make business development, post-secondary education, and job training priorities.

Her energy and passion for Norwalk are contagious. Her ideas are exciting. Her willingness to have courageous conversations is refreshing. Her refusal to accept that nothing more can be done, that problems have no solutions, that Norwalkers should accept to take one, or many, for the team is vindicating.

Lisa Brinton is the new leader Norwalk needs. Although the establishment doesn’t get it, residents know it. Now, let’s vote next Tuesday and change course.


Isabelle Hargrove



8 responses to “Change is coming to Norwalk”

  1. Norwalk native

    Couldn’t agree more Isabelle.
    Enough with the Public Sector Union gangsters running our City into the ground.

  2. Ron Morris

    Isabelle Hargrove

    You seem to state many errors

    You state
    It is time to pass the baton to the next generation.

    Lisa is not the next generation as she is only a few year younger than Rilling. Also I hope you are not discriminating because of age.

    You also state

    It is time to pass the baton the opposite sex. It sounds to me like you are discriminating only this time sexual discrimination

    You state
    As an outsider to party politics, Brinton will be free to create alliances.

    Are you aware that when you go to vote she will be listed as a Republican, you know the same as Trump.

    You state
    It is time for a transparent and inclusive leader

    You may want to read this
    Norwalk Democrats find ‘major issues’ with Brinton’s campaign finances

    YOU state

    It is time for a professional molded by an international career.

    ARe you aware that she has been retired for several years? In this era of rapid evolution this makes her a dinosaur.

    The main thing is Lisa never says how she will accomplish anything. She just says everything is wrong.

  3. Tysen Canevari

    Ron you are funny. Everything the democrats dont like is attributed to Trump. Like it or not he is the president of the U.S. However, he has no relationship to the Norwalk election. The republican party in Norwalk endorsed Lisa. She never claimed she was republican. Smoke and mirrors plan on your part is just that.

  4. Scott Vetare

    Spot on Tysen. Thank you! 100% correct!

  5. Ron Morris

    Tysen Canevari

    You seem to be a bit confused as to what comment you are replying too. I never attributed anything to Trump in my post. However last I check Norwalk is part of the United States and Lisa did take the Republican endorsement, and Lisa will show up on the Republican ticket when voting, and Lisa has been asked many times on this very site to condemn Trumps radical behavior, which she will not do. With this said this said it seem that the president of the U.S. has a huge relationship to the Norwalk election.

    Also Lisa was a registered Republican right before she announced her run for Mayor. Talk about smoke and mirrors.

  6. John Miller

    @Ron Morris – There you go once again with the same old divisive, intellectually dishonest, disrespectful, Alinsky inspired, insufferably phony, mindlessly partisan rhetoric that you and your colleagues have spewing incessantly throughout this entire campaign. By the way, nobody (including Tysen) is confused about the fact that with you, it IS all about Trump, which your comment directed at Tysen makes abundantly clear. As I have pointed out to you previously, the freedom of speech that we enjoy in this country gives us the right to speak freely but not to misrepresent wat others say or, for that matter, choose not to say.

  7. Ron Morris

    John Miller
    You seem to be desperate. It seems that you cannot debate the facts that I post so you call names like a child. This comes as no surprise as your leader Trump is well know for this. Such a shame that this is how low the Republican party has gone.

    Also moderator is not against your posting policy to call other that comment names?

    1. I see no naming calling in these comments.

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