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Debating incumbent President Jimmy Carter just before the 1980 Presidential Election candidate Ronald Reagan asked America, “Are you better off than you were four years ago?” A week later Reagan was elected President.

If the questions were presented to the State of Connecticut today, the answer would assuredly be, “No!” Despite good intentions of the Democrat-controlled state government, Connecticut is worse off than it was four years ago.

On behalf of the excellent Republican candidates that are campaigning to represent Norwalk citizens, I argue that now is a good time make the change. Not doing so will certainly lead to a continuation of the escalating economic mess created by one-party Democratic rule in our state.

UConn economist Fred Carstensen summarized the situation: “We have a very unhealthy economy, and this has been something that’s happened over the past decade.”

A report in The Hartford Business Journal lists the depth of economic maladies that economists are concerned about.  These include Connecticut’s stagnant population and lack of growth of Connecticut’s gross domestic product. The report cites weakening tax revenues despite higher taxes resulting in more debt. The article notes low-wage employment is replacing better paying jobs. Connecticut has a deficiency of technology infrastructure according to the account. State efforts to attract and maintain corporations is unproductive.  All these problems are accompanied by a failure to attract as much federal funding as other states.

That is a lot of bad economic news and it is getting worse.

I do not fault the good intentions of Democrats to improve Connecticut’s quality of life. But the facts are clear: Not only have the efforts failed to make the desired improvements, they have been counterproductive. Excess spending has led to higher debt which means the very taxes raised to improve living standards are going to pay off long term bills instead. Regulations demanding higher wages have led to small businesses cutting back or closing doors, harming the very citizens new laws are designed to help. Over taxation and excess regulation have prompted major corporations to leave our state, taking good jobs with them.

The Republican candidates campaigning to represent Norwalk carry an abiding belief in the ability of local citizens and local government to effectively confront the challenges confronting our community. They present a frugal and realistic approach to state government: Spend no more than you have on matters essential to the state as a whole. I believe electing the Republican slate will allow us in four years to answer, Yes, we are better off.

Carl Dickens

Norwalk Republican Town Committee Chairman


I Wore the Uniform - Patriot October 7, 2020 at 7:08 am

It’s simple. This is not political. Start locally. Become what your proposing state wide, LOCALLY. Use your leadership to transform the group you currently preside over to become representative of all of Norwalk. Then your sincere voice will agree with what you suggest you desire to do Statewide. This is not political. It’s simple.

Seems Perone’s major contribution is missing meetings. Hmmmm, I find that quite odd - and disengaging as well. October 7, 2020 at 7:13 am

We are indeed better off; way way better off. However, we need to extend the National good fortune to our once great state of Connecticut. If we have learned anything in this state it is that the Democrats’ relentless increases in taxes and spending is DEFINITELY not the answer to economic growth.

Mike Mushak October 7, 2020 at 7:26 am

Seriously? I don’t think so.

Every patriotic citizen both liberal and conservative will be trusting their hearts and their minds this year and voting Row A -Democrat, to save America from the blatant fascism and corruption of the Republican Party!

The Republican positions on almost every issue are so morally corrupt and their vision so dark that the only way they can win is to cheat by spreading misinformation and fear, even destroying the post office by dismantling sorting machines and picking up mailboxes off of street corners in the middle of a pandemic.

This isn’t Russia, it’s America. We don’t act like that, but Trump and the power-greedy Republican Party (who think it’s great to cheat on their taxes just like their cult leader Trump does) think they can get away with anything to hold on to power, including lie and cheat and destroy our institutions and our country that once was the envy of the world. We are now a laughing stock and a disgrace to democracy, in just 4 years of Republican corruption. Oh, I’m not finished yet.

The Republican Party under Trump is penalizing CT residents with huge tax burdens, condemning millions to physical and emotional and economic suffering with a bungled pandemic response, bankrupting our country with trillions in debt, destroying our environment by dismantling protections for air and water quality, sowing our country with racial division, attacking hard-working immigrants who make America strong, stripping healthcare and protections for pre-existing conditions to hundreds of millions, and is attacking the rights of minorities and women that so many have fought so hard to attain over decades.

The awesome Democratic candidates at the local, state, and national level are all strong leaders of solid moral character who will fight to protect all of us on both sides of the aisle. Vote Row A, Democrat, as if your life depends on it. Because this year, the election literally is a matter of life and death for all of us.

john j flynn October 7, 2020 at 8:45 am

Maybe you haven’t Noticed what is happening in the Courts. Assaults and other serious crimes and being dismissed due to Covid. It is essential for due process to keep the courts functioning. The eviction process was stopped for good reason but there is no solution for the homeowners unable to collect rents. There are no solutions even on the table. A murder in Stamford was not processed or investigated and the Mayor gave an executive order to close the records department. Imagine the repercussions of a lawless society? If there is no due process than by extension there is no equal protection.

Scott Vetare October 7, 2020 at 10:49 am

Well said Mr. Chairman. Let’s make this happen, let’s get Connecticut back to being a state we can afford to live in!

Ron Morris October 7, 2020 at 4:10 pm

What Carl Dickens fails to mention is that we are not better of because of the Republican Trump.

Sarah Waters October 7, 2020 at 6:26 pm

The abuse of redistricting and restriction of voting rights is just one of the many reasons I cannot vote Republican locally or nationally.

Babar Sheikh October 7, 2020 at 7:21 pm

How can anyone be against minimum wage raises? Wealth gap is worsening, inflation is on the rise and there is widespread unemployment/underemployment. As a small business owner myself, who employs several local residents, I can say that wage raises are not a problem. 15 should be the minimum wage right now. Just shows how out of touch some politicians have become, on both sides. Sad.

John ONeill October 7, 2020 at 8:08 pm

@Mike M – I love your passion but it’s slightly misplaced. First things first. Regarding the post office:The post office is managed by 9 Board of Governors who’s terms overlap and are appointed by the President at the time. Obama administration for some reason (Berne Sanders) appointed none to Board during his administration. He started with 9 and ended his term with ZERO. A critic might say that’s mismanagement, but I’ll give Obama a pass. He’s never been in business. Maybe if he appointed someone he would have to share some of the blame but he did what he’s arguably best at. He kicked the can down the road.
Regarding local elections. We have a Democrat who doesn’t show up to committee meetings. We have a number of reps who blindly condemned our police dept.for something they didn’t do. We have a Dem. Senator who looked honest when he blamed police for that intimidation, BUT video proved he was less than forthcoming about what happened.
Lastly. Many Dems are taking credit for the rainy day fund in Hartford. I’m sure you realize Federal legislation in 2007-2008 created the revenue that filled that fund. I believe we had a Republican in office at that time. But you have to credit Hartford Dems credit for not spending those funds. To those Norwalkers who’ve lost jobs:I’m sure your thrilled that Lamont and Dems didn’t have the guts to delay 5.5% raises given to state employees. Do we think it’s time for a change? Hell Yes!!
Almost forgot Mike, I do agree it’s time for Trump to move on. I just wish Dems had someone we’d be proud of. It reminds me of 2016. People are voting for Biden because they dislike Trump not necessarily because they like Biden. 2016 proved that’s not always the best way to go..
I’ll give $5 to anyone who read this whole post as I know I’ve rambled on a bit..Send address to NON..

Bryan Meek October 8, 2020 at 8:57 am

@Babar. The argument against artificial price floors is that it raises the cost of consumption that adversely affects those at the lower income ranges. $10 loafs of bread are right around the corner once employers are forced to pay $30k a year, annualized, for high school students. Add on FMLA, paid sick leave, payroll tax, workman’s comp insurance, general liability and were up to $50k a year for someone with no job skills. Also, it reduces the number of jobs available at the floor. Fewer and fewer college students will have opportunities to work a little bit on the side as employers will force automation. Been in a McDonalds lately? See all the automation kiosks? Those used to be staffed by kids working their way through school. No longer.

Bottom lin is minimum wage was never meant to sustain a family. It was meant for people entering the workforce. Teenagers. College students. It’s ok to feel bad for someone trying to raise a family on minimum wage, but look at the reasons why? Why did our education system fail to give that person skills that could earn more than the minimum wage? Should we be investing more in that education system? Or given no nation on earth is remotely close to how much we are spending part of the problem? This is what economists call the law of diminishing returns. Other areas of the enterprise fail (roads, bridges, other services) because we’re investing too much into a system that isn’t delivering the return on investment (public education).

I don’t believe that is the case about public education, btw….because less than 3% of the workforce earns minimum wage. What is really cynical about the whole minimum wage argument is that the proponents could care less about those actually earning the wage. They are doing it because a lot of union contracts are indexed to minimum wage. When it goes up they automatically get raises at our expense. This is what this is really about.

Mr. Liberty October 8, 2020 at 10:17 am

No one should vote on emotional or visceral issues that they have against Trump. When you toss out your logic and reason you do yourself and your countrymen a great disservice. You mistake egoism (much needed in the leader of our country) for egotism and your envy of the self-made billionaire is clearly apparent. Jealousy is wanting what the other person has, but envy is wanting the other person to also be reduced to poverty and even jailed. Don’t you see what a demonic and utterly destructive emotion that is? It is clear that a Biden-Harris administration will immediately rescind all of the current president’s executive orders and that would send the nation into a tailspin. Furthermore, Trump has to a great degree restored American sovereignty, it must be maintained because we are the greatest country on the planet and the last bastion of individual liberty.

Kate Tepper October 8, 2020 at 4:39 pm

I wonder how the rest of the world feels about being categorized as second (or third) rate as compared to the “greatest country on the planet”?
You know, those countries that have universal health care that costs half of what it costs in the US and often has equally good outcomes.
Although 188 developed countries have ratified the Convention on the Elimination of all forms of Discrimination Against Women (CEDAW), the US has yet to acknowledge and ratify this important treaty. Apparently there is no domestic violence in the greatest country on the planet that would require it to be banned by international law!
The greatest country on the planet also manages to shoot and kill thousands of it’s citizens every year.
Please stop insulting other countries. As the saying goes people who live in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones.

John Miller October 8, 2020 at 11:52 pm

Well said, Mr. Chairman. Only Illinois and New Jersey have higher per capita unfunded pension liabilities than Connecticut. We also don’t do very well in the rankings for business taxes, regulations and business friendly climate at #47 of 50. Also, maybe just maybe, if Hartford would stop diverting fuel taxes, gross receipt taxis paid by the fuel distributors, and the International Fuel Taxes paid by the motor carriers from the Special Transaction Fund, our roads and bridges might be in better shape. It’s time for some new blood and talent to turn this State around and move it forward.

john flynn October 9, 2020 at 2:13 pm

Read Mike Mushak’s comment. If you follow his instruction you will wake up in Russia, with Socialism, Executive orders, the Green New Deal, Kamala, Straw and Plastic Bag legislation? Exotic animals?? Rioting and Chaos with Unicorns and Narwhals. You will soon need a wheelbarrow of Biden Dollars for reparations; a conservative in his opinion, is a person, who doesn’t share needles. The Government is not functioning, right wing fascism? Bigger government is what Mike seeks not free enterprise. Under Mike’s incumbents in the 140, the transportation fund was misappropriated by the Co-chair (Travis) who has threatened to cut the Police budget in the past? The other Sanctuary States have collapsed and CT is only 6 months behind in Junk Bond BBB+ policy.

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