Charting CT: Recreational weed sales are getting higher

Charting Connecticut is a regular feature produced by the CT Mirror’s data team that looks at Connecticut through a quantitative lens.

Since recreational marijuana sales started in January, $68,979,910 worth of products have been sold, an average of about $9.8 million per month.

In the first month, there were about $5 million in sales, but in April, the amount more than doubled, reaching over $10 million in monthly sales and on a steady rise since.

Over 50% of total sales, about $35 million, come from flower products. Another 30% come from vapes and about 14% come from edibles. And on a monthly basis, flower product sales have continued to make up about half of all recreational weed sales.

Just last month, in July, $6.5 million worth of flower products were sold while $4.5 million worth of vapes were sold.

But recreational sales still haven’t matched sales of medical marijuana, which can be more potent. Medical marijuana sales reached $76,706,005 since January. 54% of those medical sales were for flower product, while about 23% were for vapes. Every month except for January saw over $10 million in sales.


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