Chiaramonte quits; move comes as Democrats call for his resignation

Former Norwalk Board of Education member Jack Chiaramonte.

Updated 8:04 p.m. Tuesday with copy of resignation email.

NORWALK, Conn. — Embattled Norwalk Board of Education member Jack Chiaramonte has resigned from the Board of Education.

The resignation comes a week after comments the outspoken former BOE chairman made on his private Facebook page became public after they were sent by one of Chiaramonte’s Facebook “friends” to NancyOnNorwalk.

In an email sent late Monday night to Republican Town Committee Chairman Peter Torroano, BOE Chairman Mike Lyons, and The Hour, and forwarded to NancyOnNorwalk by Lyons, Chiaramonte wrote, “… given the events that have unfolded this past week, and after consulting with RTC Chairman Peter Torrano and Board of Education Chairman Mike Lyons, I have decided to resign immediately.”

photoChiaramonte delivered his one-line resignation letter dated March 23 to the Town Clerk’s Office in City Hall.

Emailed Jack Chiaramonte letter

At Monday night’s Democratic Town Committee meeting, members said Chiaramonte should resign and the Republican Town Committee should condemn his words. DTC members voted unanimously to write a letter to that effect.

The move at the DTC’s regular monthly meeting was begun by Brenda Penn-Williams, who went on to say that BoE member Shirley Mosby does have evidence to support the complaint she made back in June that there is racial discrimination on the Board. The vote came over the cautious words of DTC Chairman Ed Camacho, who said the RTC has been itching for this fight as part of the fall campaign, and would push for the evidence to come forward.

“Shirley – and I happen to know because I was at time the co-chair for the legal redress (committee) for the NAACP, I happen to know this, Carolyn Fuller, too – she does have evidence because I saw it. I saw it,” Penn-Williams said. “However, she asked to meet with (BoE Chairman) Mike Lyons and he refused. He refused. So he should have given her the opportunity to meet. He refused. Then he started saying ‘you don’t have evidence, well, let’s see the evidence.’”

Lyons, in a late-night email, denied that claim.

“Shirley Mosby has never asked to meet with me on this; the statement is simply untrue,” Lyons wrote. “Shirley is the one who has consistently refused to meet, as the mayor has repeatedly confirmed, not me. It’s March of 2015; for the first time since July of 2014 we suddenly hear about an offer to meet supposedly made eight months ago but NEVER mentioned before now?  By one of the most talkative people ever to serve in Norwalk’s government?  To say that this assertion strains credulity is putting it mildly.”

As for the call for a resignation, Lyons said, “The DTC motion regarding Jack is pure political theater, and I won’t dignify it with a response.”

“Are they censuring Miss Mosby along with Jack Chiarmonte for her actions, of eight months, the Democratic Town Committee, the Democratic chairmanship has failed to act upon?” RTC Chairman Pete Torrano asked. “Or are they just interested in censuring a Republican?”

Chiaramonte did not respond to a request for comment.

Penn-Williams began the conversation at the DTC meeting by saying that she is very upset about the comments Chiaramonte made last week on his private Facebook page that was emailed to NancyOnNorwalk by one of Chiaramonte’s “Facebook friends.” She said she is organizing a rally to be held at 6:30 p.m. Monday at City Hall to call for Chiaramonte’s resignation.

Chiaramonte’s Facebook rant was a response to a viral video showing a group of African-American teenagers following and one them beating a white teenager and her little brother.

“Where’s Sharpton? Where’s the race fueling media? Where’s our idiot President or that dimwit Eric Holder? Black racist pull this crap and no one says anything? Not anymore,” Chiaramonte wrote. “The stank perp’s name and info is posted. I called the Indianapolis Police Dept. and as soon as I mention a video I saw on Face Book, they already said they are investigating it. I hope the media picks this up and shoves in Obama, Holder and Shatptons [sic] faces and ask these racist scum why they don’t have anything to say.”

That was followed by a stream of scatalogical and anatomical invective directed at the Rev. Al Sharpton.

The DTC should write a letter calling for Chiaramonte to resign, Penn-Williams said, calling him “an embarrassment to our system.”

“I think enough of something is enough,” Penn-Williams said. “We didn’t do anything when he said to Shirley ‘the girl who cried black.’ For me, if you continue and people don’t say anything, what is that doing? That’s allowing them to continue with this type of thing, this behavior. When we didn’t say anything about the girl who cried black, now here he is again. We are empowering people to do what they want to do.”

“I am very concerned that some leaders in our DTC have made well-known comments about the Board of Ed, but when it came to Mr. Chiaramonte, silence. I felt that was very unfortunate and not fair to members of our caucus,” Diane Lauricella said. The tone of Chiaramonte’s comments about President Barack Obama and Attorney General Eric Holder was “really offensive,” she said.

Rob Frazier pushed for a “middle ground.”

“The censure should be the way this group should express its outrage,” he said. “… The removal is business of the Board. The outrage and the expression of our concern is the business of this group.”

Frazier said this is more widespread than Chiaramonte. “It’s a national problem. That’s why I think it is important for this group to go on record on this issue. … It’s racism,” Frazier said.

“We can’t really say to him ‘you’re out’ … but the people of this city can make it known that they don’t want him there. We are going to do that,” Carolyn Fuller said.

“I am a child of south in the ’50s and ’60s. What I saw and what I heard, it’s scary. May not be to the gold coast Fairfield County people but it’s scary, it’s very scary. And just like you said, it’s not just him, but it’s also not just him in Norwalk,” Fuller said.

“The Republican Party said we don’t condone it,” Ron Kowalski said. “Which to me is unbelievable, because that’s like saying well we don’t agree but we’re not going to touch it.”

The letter should have three parts, Kowalski said – the call for resignation, the censure and “call on the Republican Party to condemn what he said and if they won’t then put him in bed with them.”

“Perhaps because members of the media are here, perhaps this is a conversation we might want to have offline before we have a decision on this,” Camacho said.

“No,” Penn-Williams said.

“We have been under a tremendous amount of pressure over the course of the last few weeks now,” Camacho said. “The executive board of the Republican Town Committee has been asking for there to be a resolution on the claims of race discrimination made by Ms. Mosby, Ms. Rivas, and I’m not sure if Ms. Murray was a part of that.”
BoE member Rosa Murray was present but said nothing.

“Those claims are still hanging out there and people are still asking for evidence,” Camacho said. “People are still asking for emails, anything they might have to support those claims. If we go down this path of coming out publicly, and I think appropriately, against Mr. Chiaramonte’s comments, then I think we need to expect there is going to be an effort on the part of Republican Town Committee to have this mayor or someone address the issue of race discrimination that are hanging in the air and the Republican Town Committee is aching to make it an issue in this campaign.”

“I saw her evidence and she does have it,” Penn-Williams said. “I don’t blame her. She wanted to meet with him, he refused.”

“There will be calls for that evidence to come out,” Camacho said.

“We see the evidence, the evidence is right there with Jack Chiaramonte,” Penn-Williams said.

“I think Republican Town Committee will do what the Republican Town Committee will do and we have no control over that,” Galen Wells said. “They continue to attack Shirley and I think we have to ignore that. I think we need to say that what Jack Chiaramonte has said is unacceptable.”

Lynne Moore called the question.

“As far as I am concerned they are going to be all over us no matter what, so we either stand up and be counted or we run around hiding under our desks because we are so afraid of X,Y and Z,” Moore said.

No one voted against it. “I couldn’t believe the article when I read it. The thing that is unbelievable is that he doesn’t see what he says,” Wells said.

A committee was formed to write a letter – Wells, Kowalski, Penn-Williams and Councilwoman Phaedrel “Faye” Bowman (D-District B).

Discussion was limited to DTC members, but Camacho allowed Norwalk Branch NAACP President Darnell Crosland to speak.

“The essence of the complaint was that there was a hostile environment on the Board of Ed,” Crosland said. “In terms of you directing this to a body to resolve this and the other side saying you need evidence, I think that’s a farce because there is nobody trying to hear evidence or see evidence, so if they throw that out there that’s just an end run around the issue. So obviously there is a hostile environment on the board. It’s coming from Jack Chiaramonte and those on the Board who condone that.”

“‘Hostile environment’ is a term that MEANS something; simply making the accusation doesn’t magically make it true,” Lyons wrote in his email. “You still need facts to back it up, which they don’t have (unless merely disagreeing with someone constitutes a ‘hostile environment,’ in which case I could make the same claim against Shirley!).”

Crosland said he had watched the viral video that inspired Chiaramonte’s rage.

“There is nothing at all in that fight that indicated race,” Crosland said. “So if a black person and a white person have a fight that doesn’t make it racial at all. Now when Obama and Eric Holder and the rest of the country went to Ferguson it was because there was a pandemic of black individuals being killed by white cops that makes it a racial issue. … He is so far off base saying they should have run out there and protested. I don’t think he represents the city well. The will of the people will follow this voice and they can get him off. He can get himself off.”

Right wing media report that racial comments were made in the fight, and, by the assailant on Facebook: “what did the White b*tch expect walkin right in front of us like dat?” A screen capture is not provided.

After the meeting, Penn-Williams called Lyons a liar. “Shirley wanted to meet with him. He refused,” she said.

Penn-Williams said she is considering a run for the Board of Ed. She lives in District C, which means she would oppose Lyons should he run for re-election.

“Chiaramonte is making me run, if I run,” she said. “I want to do for all children. I would never, ever be on social media talking racist like he did.”


43 responses to “Chiaramonte quits; move comes as Democrats call for his resignation”

  1. Grandma

    “scatalogical and anatomical invective.” That is purrrfect. Kudos Nancy.

    For the good of our community as a whole, Jack must exit stage left. Hopefully he does make the right choice and removes himself from the spotlight. And I hope he does it because he realizes his errors and the implications not because of the heat from any others.

    There is an important lesson here for us all to learn, not just Jack. Reading some of the comments, well, for awhile there was feeling we had lost our sense of community and that the “heelots” were taking over.

    In the immortal words of Walter Brennan; http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M84XBBd-h_M

    But after reading the comments from the DTC meeting, feeling a whole lot better. The type of juvenile and yes racists behaviors we have witnessed from many public officials and organizations, locally, statewide and nationally has frightened many that the Heelots were indeed taking over.

    But fear not, good people, there are many sane mature people still around and it seems finally are getting their sails set after dragging anchors for far too long.

    Wisely, we all must be not over confident as the Heelots are always in the shadows, planning, seeking the opening they need.

    World is full of fools and they usually are loud, greedy and with huge ego’s, thrive on the attention, that is why they seem more abundant than more reasoned, well balanced sane voices.

    But it is high time the reasoned, seasoned among us step up and set a better tone, direction, atmosphere and public image for our town, state and nation we call home. Isn’t it time?

    Jack anyone that knows you loves you and we kinda understand what your saying, however discombobulated it comes out from you but for the good of all Norwalkers;

    Thank you for your service, you stood up in a time of great chaos and did your best, overall, you did good Jack. No one can say you didn’t give it your best efforts.

    But you and others must understand the impact and impressions that these type of public expressions of frustration have on the entire community and its image.

    As a commercial and private property owner here in Norwalk, you do understand about images and property values, right?

    Thank you Jack for your commitment and energy. Maybe you could start your own blog or vlog, say on education. Politics may not be your forte but you have many other skills and talents. Be seeing ya somewhere Jack, I am sure, on that internet global freeway of ideas and opinions. Perceptions are not always truth in fact most times perceptions are nothing but influences, be they good, bad, truth or fiction. But perceptions do matter. Right Jack?

  2. Yankee Clipper

    Shirley Mosby is not telling the truth. She has played games about having a meeting with Lyons since this started. And where is the proof? And what iis Crossland trying to say in the quote? That no proof is needed? Yeah right

  3. Lisa Thomson

    More than likely it was Mike Lyons and the Republicans that asked Jack to resign. Will the Democrats do the same with members of their party?

  4. John Hamlin

    So we have inappropriate, offensive speech/conduct from BOE members from both parties. Anyone surprised about that? But each party seems only outraged about what the other party is doing. Certainly it would be helpful to have seen Ms Mosby’s “evidence” months ago (and she could quiet her critics at last by producing it). But for the average resident, taxpayer and voter, I suspect that all of this looks like a distraction from the important business of the City. Anyone outraged by the state of the city government or the public schools? Seems to me that’s where the outrage should be directed.

  5. Nora King

    The scandal here is that Shirley Mosby is never held accountable for her actions. She also needs to resign. The last thing the Board of Education needs is a leader like Brenda Penn Williams who will further carry on the drama and the negativity that has taken place during the past few years on the Board mostly due to Shirley and Migdalia. It is too bad that Mosby wasn’t held accountable for all of her actions that have been toxic to Norwalk and the children of Norwalk. This battle didn’t start with Jack, it started when Shirley threatened Mike Lyons at the very first BOE meeting and then was further pushed during BOE meetings and the behavior of Rosa, Shirley and Migdalia. You just have to watch the meetings to see this. This is the fact.

    The next crime will be that better candidates don’t come forward to run for the Board of Education seats. Why are Brenda and Migdalia the choices for BOE from the Norwalk Democrats? It is because the old guard within Norwalk keeps supporting these candidates. They should be ashamed of themselves for continuing to support this deplorable behavior. Trust me when I say this….most of the Democrats especially the new guard do not support these candidates. We should have people who can demonstrate professionalism, leadership and consensus building that we can run in these positions. This has nothing to do with race and everything to do with wanting people who have the skills, leadership and grace to behave in a proper manner.

    I am tired of waking up every morning and reading about the toxic folks that are ruining Norwalk. This is not the way to start you day off. What every taxpayer, mother, father and citizen wants is to read about how we are moving forward. I heard a great statement from Mayor Rilling last night. He was talking about being at Kendell School for lunch with the kids and he stated that the children whether they were African American, White, Asian or Hispanic they were all playing, laughing and enjoying their classroom and their friends. They were getting things done and could care less about race. I think most of us feel this way as adults, however it is about 15 to 20 people that are ruining Norwalk and continuingly want to use race as a barrier instead of being productive on the positions they serve on. As a community we need to send a message loud and clear that we are not going to put up with this. This should probably be an editorial because I have gotten long winded like my friend Mushak….:)

    Editor’s note: Regarding Migdalia Rivas and Brenda Penn-Williams, the Democratic Party has not yet, to our knowledge, chosen its candidates. Some folks have reportedly said the are running, but none have been chosen by the party.

  6. Suzanne

    Mr. Hamlin, I agree with you about what concern should be taken re: Norwalk, its governance and operation.

    However, Mr. Chiramonte’s words and actions were much more than a distraction.

    That he has been routed out involves much more then “perceptions” and “political correctness.”

    A person who feels the way he expressed it about people of color has that right to feel it and to even talk about it but not ever in the way Mr. Chiramonte did in his social media page and as a member of the Board of Education, a position of leadership in Norwalk.

    We do not need a worse than Rush Limbaugh in City government. This is a distraction that WOULD continue to deleteriously affect forward momentum, function and process.

    That Mr. Chiramonte has resigned, given his comments, removes at least this issue for a time although I am sure something else will come up to keep Norwalk from functioning well.

  7. Marie Avila

    I’m no fan of that triumvirate who are after Mike Lyons and basically chased Dr. Rivera all the way to New London, but Jack going? – GOOD.

  8. Sick and tired taxpayer!!!

    He said, she said, no he did not say that, no she did not say that! Sick and tired of the playground mentality! I can’t understand why everybody can’t put there big boy and big girl pants on and come to the table with truth, Integrity, and an adult state of mind and settle this childish bickering once and for all. This is NO place for this kind of drama. It is obvious that honesty and truthfulness is not a virtue here. Buy this infantile display of not getting along, what are we showing and demonstrating to the youth and our community? We as adults, should be setting the example!!!!!

  9. Haley

    Re: “Chiaramonte quits; move comes as Democrats call for his resignation”
    Nancy, your headline is misleading, because it turns out Chiaramonte hasn’t quit yet, but I certainly hope he does– IMMEDIATELY. The man is an embarrassment to the City of Norwalk.
    The insertion of the Mosby matter into this is childish tit-for-tat. The GOP should own up to the fact that they have a bigot in their midst, and give him the boot themselves.

  10. Wineshine

    I’ve read Jack’s FB post (which was private and should never have been published) and I’ve read his “Deeply frustrated…………..” opinion, and although the “flowery” language was over the top if it was to be viewed by the public, which it wasn’t, I can’t see anything this man did or said as heinous enough to warrant the comments here.

    He decries racism, as do I, and used the word “black” because it applied to this issue. Is there a double standard on race in this country? As far as the media reports go, you bet your sweet whatever-color-it-is butt there is. Have we been pushed to our limits? Time will tell, but as long as the perpetrators keep getting a pass, it will persist.

    Unless some of you stop tripping over yourselves to show the community how politically correct you are, oh yes, and to round up votes, nothing will ever get resolved. Anyone else notice that the Norwalk politicos are staying as far away from this as they can?

  11. Oldtimer

    This could not have been an easy decision for Jack, but it was the right one, and he should be credited for it.

  12. MarjorieM

    The Board of Education is out of control once again. Sadly, our Board members are disgraceful role models for our children. Mike Lyons, get things taken care of out of the limelight of the media. I was taught not to drag dirty laundry out in public. Take care of business in a closed room and get it over with. This is outrageous.

  13. Piberman

    Kudos to Ms Nora King. Democrat leadership in Norwalk reaching for new lows.

  14. Bill

    Lets see if Mosby has the guts to resign. She is the problem with the BOE. Sad day that Chiaramonte resigns when she was much, much worse.

  15. Don’t Panic

    No one Democrat, even one who is a member of the DTC, should be speaking for “most democrats” about candidates before the body (or the voters) have had a chance to select their candidates. When the DTC puts out a statement that is supposed to be representative of the party (or the representative body of the party, the DTC), then it should be a statement that the whole body approves. It is not helpful for people to go out as self-appointed messengers for the party.

  16. Marj, I had already talked to Jack and he had agreed to resign over the weekend before the latest brouhaha broke out at the DTC (he has already submitted his resignation letter to the Town Clerk). Jack’s statement of resignation is calm and reasonable (its printed in full in The Hour). I agree with you, and I tried to handle this in a manner that could put it to bed and allow the BoE to get back to business. Jack did the right thing so we can move forward, and we will do so. Alas, I cannot control the actions of the DTC or its members, some of whom have chosen to turn this into a circus. Nevertheless, I will continue to focus on the very important work before the Board, and pay as little attention as I can to the political nonsense. We have too much important work before us (starting with selection of a new superintendent) to waste time on this stuff (most of which is moot with Jack already having resigned).

  17. Orange U. Glad

    The spin and counterspin are sickening.

    Whether we love him or despise him, Jack Chiaramonte was elected twice to the Board of Education. The Jack who is resigning is the same guy voters re-elected four years ago. Democracy might be messy. Democracy might not always give us the “best” (whatever that means) candidates for office. But democracy gives us the chance to pick our leaders. Jack was picked twice. Let’s wish him good luck as he moves on to a new adventure.

    It’s sad to read Nora King’s comments. She forgets Mike Barbis’ nastiness (http://norwalk.dailyvoice.com/schools/norwalk-superintendent-search-sparks-angry-words). She forgets her attacks on Susan Marks’ critics. She forgets her attacks on Deputy Supt. Tony Daddona. If Nora King wants a less toxic environment for the Board of Education, she should start with herself. Then, she should ask her political cohorts to tone down their constant attacks.

  18. Nora King

    Orange U Glad,
    Why don’t you use your real name. My comments were not attacks. They were not unprofessional nor unqualified statements that I made. I pointed out simple facts about people’s poor behavior. I didn’t scream at someone that I was going to pull out every white hair on someone’s head.

    My comments about Tony Daddona were accurate. I never raised my voice but clearly stated issues that were accurate and on task. Something that Shirley or Migdalia have never done.

    Parents have had enough of this type of leadership. Shirley Mosby needs to resign. The Board of Education deserves better and our taxpayers deserve better.

  19. Mike Barbis

    I usually don’t comment on here but I couldn’t follow what the poster, Orange U Glad, had to say …. I checked out the article … what nastiness are you talking about? I chided Rivas for being rude to Haynie? That’s nasty?
    Wow Orange, do you think the Rivas-Mosby crew should just continue to get a free pass? Norwalk voters want accountability. I am happy to help them on that quest.

  20. Good Riddance

    For the record, from what I read, Bruce Kimmel is the only one who came out saying the will be running as a Democrat. Not that the others aren’t but they can run either way nomination or primary so they can say whatever they want.

    As for anyone calling on Shirley’s resignation, especially Democrats, well we can just all sit here and read the racism.

    Shirley hasn’t said anything even close to Jack’s first anti-sematic comments 3 or 4 years ago and look how long it took for people of his own race/religion to call for his resignation. Shirley, “got out of line” and look at all of you calling for her resignation.

    Guess what, its 2015 in Norwalk, CT, we aren’t backing down and if you don’t like it, move out of town.

  21. Carol

    Bravo Nora,we need more people like you. Mosby has got to resign-let the dtc take some action regarding her and lets show the “proof” so we can move on and better serve all the children of Norwalk.

  22. Don’t Panic

    Fact check: Shirley didn’t scream at someone that she was going to pull out every white hair on someone’s head either. This story gets embellished more with each telling. Check your sources before you go repeating stuff.

  23. Lisa Thomson

    While I didn’t agree with some of the language Jack has chosen over the years to express his frustration, I don’t think he is a racist. What he has been is a fighter for kids rights and taxpayers in this town, whether exchanging comments with union leaders over salaries or work rules OR his initial comments solicited by the on press, regarding Ms. Mosby’s first of many attacks or accusations against Mr. Lyons.

    Jack’s decision to step away from the political theatre is the right move. Now, what of the others?

    The city has a well documented history of different Mosbys making unsubstantiated claims against the city or elected officials when not getting their way. Personal discrimination claims against the BOE, dating back to the mid 1990s have been made by various members of this family and have been unfounded by the state. Even a beloved former superintendent, penned an op Ed in 1996, on the toll unfounded claims had taken on the school district, both in terms of reputation and taxpayer dollars.

    Fast forward, twenty years and several superintendents later. What must any prospective superintendent candidate or foundation donor think of this city?

    Jack has stepped down. Will Ms Mosby do the same? If she or anyone wants to talk about race in education – why not talk about minority reading scores, or closing the achievement gap, rather than repeated rants or agonizing delay tactics on matters such as an elementary literacy or after school programs targeted at South Norwalk’s youth? Both initiatives were championed by our former, hispanic, superintendent and targeted at our most at risk minority children and we all saw them voted against or abstained from by Ms. Mosby.

  24. Suzanne

    “…I’ve read Jack’s FB post (which was private and should never have been published)…”

    A point of clarification, Mr. Wineshine. Facebook includes a statement at the very beginning of entering a page that nothing entered on their site is private. Access can be had by those enrolled or not enrolled. Just so you know. It’s a “buyer beware” sort of thing.

  25. Nora King

    Don’t Panic,

    I was standing right there and witnessed the entire incident. The room was packed and the press was there. Those were her exact words. I didn’t repeat anything – I witnessed the entire event. It was appalling behavior. She should submit her resignation.

  26. Don’t Panic

    And you stand by the word “scream”?

  27. Wineshine

    Suzanne, it was intended to be private, and would have remained as such had a “friend” not chosen to make it public. You can cite the boilerplate all you want, but if one of your “friends” betrays you, you’re not going to want to hear that what they did was sanctioned by Facebook, or anyone else. Fair enough?

  28. Mrs. Ruby McPherson

    @ Sick and Tired Taxpayer, we are showing that since we have a Black President and we basically said, no we said he will not get anything done! And so since then, more and more have come out of the closet on how much they want to keep Minorities down and they have to think the same way we do or they will be classified as stupid and trouble makers. You see they don’t have any education like us!!

  29. LWitherspoon

    Mr. Chiaramonte,

    I am grateful for your efforts to improve Norwalk schools, specifically your fight to increase ECS funds for Norwalk and your efforts to negotiate more taxpayer-friendly deals with school unions. You brought passion and energy to the job, Norwalk gained from your work, and there is plenty for you to be proud of. Nonetheless, resigning was the right decision. Best of luck to you.

  30. Suzanne

    Wineshine, the “boilerplate” actually rules the day in this case. Facebook simply isn’t private even if intended to be so by a user. It is especially risky with a greater numbers of shares.

    They have a disclaimer, I think, to probably avoid liability but it is also how Facebook works.

    It is unfortunate Mr. Chiramonte had to learn this the hard way but, frankly, based on content shared by this news website and The Hour of Mr. Chiramonte’s post, I am glad we learned about it.

    I don’t want leaders of this community especially on the Board of Education where tolerance and diversity must be a highly held value, expressing such invective or attitude about race (of any stripe.)

    So, unfortunately or fortunately, it is not about being “fair”, it is about how social media works. If I log onto my Facebook page, I basically have access to every other page listed (which is in the millions.)

    Anyone could have looked up Mr. Chiramonte’s page and seen what he had posted. One person didn’t even have to send the page to this news website because it was received, as I understand it, by NON.

    Not understanding the parameters of Facebook or other Social Media (you know how they say never put any important information in an e-mail because they are not private?) shows a lack of knowledge by Mr. Chiramonte and questionable judgement.

    If you are going to use Facebook, LinkedIn, e-mail or other such Internet sites, be forewarned: they are not private.

  31. Kevin Di Mauro

    @Nora King

    I like you as much as I like Jack Chiaramonte. You both seen to be well meaning but high spirited individuals who can easily say things that shouldn’t be said by public officials either privately or publicly.

    In your case I’m referring to your challenge to Joe Santo, Chairman of Zoning, to put on boxing gloves and get into the ring to settle a dispute you were having with him. Then calling him “a child a child” certainly doesn’t show the adult behavior of someone I think belongs on the zoning board. Perhaps you should also consider stepping down also.

  32. Nora King


    I think you are taking those comments out of context that were made. For some reason when Mike Mushak left he felt that he could treat me the same way. This was unfair and I am going to defend myself. Joe doesn’t like it when someone has a difference of opinion. I respect others opinion. Joe and I have never behaved like the BOE members. Ever. Most of the time the debate between Joe and I has been healthy and I respect his opinion and the years he has served on the zoning commission. There are many good votes and projects under Joe’s leadership that has been accomplished. I respect Joe and appreciate all his hard work through the years he has given Norwalk and zoning commission. I don’t think the is any level of respect on the BOE with certain members.

    The zoning department does need reform. We tend to disagree on this. However, Joe and I haven’t caused a very competent superintendent to resign nor have we made national news due to racial issues. If there was a public outcry for me to step down due to valid reasons, I would.

  33. anonymous

    Lyons needs to go next he just as bad. Especially for going after the low men on the pay scale. All he is interested in is privatizing schools. […] But thats ok as long as they save a buck. He has no care in the world for the kids dont lwt him fool you.

    This post was edited to remove allegations that have been checked and found to be false.

  34. srb

    I am thrilled to read that Jack resigned. He may have some good qualities but he’s been an embarrassment to the City. I applaud the Republican leadership for pushing him out. Sadly, my presumption is that Ms. Mosby would never resign since anyone who advises her to resign will suffer the same kind of innuendo and castigation that have been her hard and true method. She needs to be outvoted.

  35. Kevin Di Mauro

    @Nora King

    I watched the video here at NON regarding “a child a child ” accusations against Joe Santo and I think you disgraced yourself. My personal opinion is that you should step down from your current position.

  36. Nora King


    You must have been watching a different video then the night where it went on. Perhaps before you judge you should come to a meeting. Or better yet a planning review meeting and you can witness the entire context.

  37. MarjorieM

    Am I the only one who thinks these online media sources are becoming scandal sheets, picking up morsels of dirt and hoping for juicy comments? Yes, the facts are investigated and censorship is widely used, but are we all salivating to ruin the reputations of imperfect humans? Is this what transparency as brought us? NorwalkSpeaks and Nancy on Norwalk, I don’t want transparency if we ruin people’s reputation. When does it stop? When someone commits suicide? I have been guilty in the past, but I have come to the conclusion that I do not want individuals vilified. There can be serious fall out.

  38. Kevin Di Mauro


    I watched the same video that all NON viewers might have seen. I still find it disturbing and a reason why you should step down.

  39. Suzanne

    Marjorie M, It is a self-fulfilling consequence of one’s own actions. If an individual keeps it clean, honest and as factual as possible, he/she would have no reason to worry.

    Don’t blame Social Media for content. Blame the people who put dishonest, racist, etc., comments on it to begin with.

    The results are of our own volition, i.e., we have no one to blame but ourselves.

  40. Norewalk Lifer

    Let’s get the focus back on what the BOE is doing, NOT what they are saying.

    Norwalk Lifer

  41. Drew Todd

    Nothing like a comment section of some local whatever this is called to hide behinds ones comments. I truly have a lot to say on this issue about my friends Jack, Nora, Mike and Mike and a few others but that will be done at a later day. What truly bothers me is how some people go on to this comment section and talk out of there collective behinds! They get to say anything and behind there secret screen names. I wonder what they are afraid of?! Is it possible that the people who they call names, ridicule, ask for resignations will actually confront them?! You know the definition of those people are called Cowards! If you have something to say then say it! Be an adult, which is obviously here not the MO of a lot of posters. But let me tell you all about the 4 people I have mentioned: Each one of them has given up HUGE and I MEAN HUGE amounts of there time and energy to serve OUR community! It’s time away from there families, jobs, practices, friends etc! These 4 are individuals that have the best interest of our city but more importantly our children and there future! I have gotten to know these 4 people pretty well over time. Did I like all of them at first to be honest not really! But I had an open mind and LISTENED to them, talked to them if I had a question they would provide honest and open answers. Did I like the answers sometimes? No I did not but it was always with respect! So, before people go on social media and hide behind a screen name and post the venom they do about people maybe get to know them first. And I don’t mean through the LEFT media or the rhetoric being spewed by a few others in this town. Nora, Jack, Mike & Mike are good VERY SMART and very hard working individuals. They care and are concerned and constantly strive to to the right thing for our children and this city. If you want to attack them then get to know them first like I did! They should actually be praised for there efforts!! I would vote for all of them if given the chance! I personally want to thank the, for there service and dedication!

  42. LisaLen

    And you ask why Manny left town? And you ask why the schools aren’t improving at a greater rate? And you ask why people send their kids to private school? And you ask why people move from Norwalk?

    Just think the “next” Superintendent will do his/her homework and read all about this never ending nonsense. The Mosby’s are going to do what they always do – and they don’t go away (per Lisa’s T’s previous post). Like it or not, the voters voted her in and now we’re all stuck with her – probably until her term is up. Jack was a ticking timebomb, but he went to bat on issues that no one else was taking on – like ECS.

    What about the upcoming elections? Instead of fighting amongst your members, let’s get some qualified candidates (in all districts) that care about equal education for all Norwalk children – not just the children in their district. Candidates that have expertise in finance, policy, budgets or negotiation. Hire a good superintendent and let them handle the day to day management.

    All this chaos, bickering and meddling has a trickle down effect, and if you think this is not felt in your kid’s schools you are mistaken.

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