Choosing not to run again after 12 years on the Norwalk Board of Education

Board of Education Policy Committee Chairwoman Heidi Keyes, during a 2015 meeting.

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After much thought and consideration and support from my family, I have decided not to seek a fourth term on the Norwalk Board of Education.  I am ending my career on the Board in November after serving in this elected role for 12 years (three terms).

It’s been a passion and a true calling to serve in this volunteer position as a Board of Education member. I recall vividly when I first decided to run so many years ago.  I was just newly diagnosed with breast cancer and didn’t know if I would be up for the rigorous role.  But with the love and support of my family and friends, I made it. I not only beat breast cancer but also beat thyroid cancer and came out more determined than ever to run again for two more terms. 

Over the years I have worked closely and collaboratively with my colleagues on the board in a bipartisan way and closely with many superintendents including Interim Superintendents, Dr. Susan Marks, Dr. Manny Rivera, Dr. Steven Adamowski and Dr. Alexandra Estrella.

Heidi Keyes.

I have served on many committees over the years including Facilities, Finance, Personnel & Negotiations, Policy and Ad-Hoc Inclusion and Educational Justice. In addition, several Liaison roles including Adult Education and representing Norwalk Public Schools on the Early Childhood Council as well as serving as our Policy Chairperson since 2014. In addition, I have served on the Executive Committee as Vice Chair and many years as Board Secretary.

As a Board member I felt driven to make improvements and make Norwalk Public Schools the best it could be, and I believe we achieved that as Connecticut’s #1 City School District. My husband, Bob, and I have raised our children here and we all attended school in Norwalk. I believe strongly in Norwalk Public Schools. We have a robust and thriving school community with exceptional teachers, supportive staff and phenomenal students with engaged parents that make Norwalk a truly special community.

I am proud to call Norwalk home and am thankful that I’ve been given the opportunity to serve and I feel fortunate to have the support of so many.

Now the time has come to give others an opportunity.

Thank you again for having put your faith in me over the years and allowing me to serve as a Norwalk Public Schools Board of Education member.


Heidi Keyes


DrewT July 28, 2021 at 7:59 am

THANK YOU HEIDI FOR ALL IF YOUR TIME AND SERVICE TO OUR CHILDREN AND CITY. You were one of the voices of reason on the BOE and will be sorely missed!!!

M. Jeffry Spahr July 28, 2021 at 10:55 am

Heidi — thank you so much for all that you have given to the children and families of Norwalk. You always wore your passion for this on your sleeve and your dedication is unmatched. Thanks.

Niz July 28, 2021 at 5:37 pm

I do not know this woman nor have we ever met.
I have addressed BOE on more than one occasion during monthly meetings (pre-pandemic) and via email, phone calls… with serious concerns after exhausting all efforts with the school & NPS Staff.
My experiences with the them all were not productive. Not one school, NPS, or BOE STAFF/ member ever acted when I reached out & took the time to discuss, the concerns. I made numerous communications… I networked with many other parents As well, from what I gathered through the 6 years I lived in Norwalk. The Cities public schools, systems, staff, etc… do not like involved parents. Nor is the quality of education to the students are any importance to them. I am sincerely pleased to see new candidates for the BOE, as well as mayor, and hopefully when the next election cycle for city council, district legislators & senate majority leader. I am confident many Norwalk citizens are down for that too.

Fred Wilms July 29, 2021 at 9:56 am


You were outstanding! Thank you so much for your service. Norwalk is a much better place because of your leadership.

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